The Ice Bucket Challenge

(Jeff C) #1

I wonder if researchers in the future will look back at the past and see this anomaly of so many videos showing people dumping buckets of ice on their head and whether or not they’ll be able to locate the source of the challenge.

Have you been challenged yet? I was challenged by a friend of mine earlier tonight. I have a surprise in store for him :smile:

(Scott Wyden Kivowitz) #2

I didn’t pour ice on myself, but donated for sure. It’s a disease needing all the publicity and donations it can get!

(Mark Senff) #3

I’m a little on the fence about this. Of course I support the meaning behind it – raising money and awareness for ALS…but my problem is how some people (cough mostly celebrities cough) use this as an opportunity to sort of promote themselves.

I’ve seen many videos where these people just don’t even mention ALS (let alone how/where you can donate), and to me that’s completely missing the point. This is not to show how cool you are (no pun intended), or how much of a good sport you are, yet a lot of people seem to think that’s what it’s about.

I have a lot more respect for those who don’t throw the bucket in a video, but specifically push people to donate.

Grump mode off. :slight_smile:

(Nikhil Vimal) #4

I think we should nominate Mr. Matt himself! That would be a cool video :smiley:

(Jeff C) #5

I’m surprised that hasn’t happened yet or maybe it did and he just donated instead of dumping ice on his head.

(Jeff C) #6

Well, I finally got nominated but used a mini bucket instead of a full one and only got my head wet lol.