The March 2015 AMA is Sarah Gooding

After two very popular AMAs with Justin Tadlock and Tom McFarlin this past January and February, I think it’s safe to say monthly AMAs are here to stay!

You probably know her as a contributing writer of WP Tavern, and WPMU Dev before that. She also has quite a popular free theme on the directory.

Our next guest is Sarah Gooding, aka @pollyplummer

It will take place next Thursday, March 12th at 8 PM EST. We’ll also have a strict cutoff time 24 hours after that, so make sure to get your questions in before then.

Note: This is not the actual AMA thread, so don’t ask any questions here just yet. Sarah will make his own at around the time and date above. This is merely an announcement post and discussion of the AMA itself.

Great choice.

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Oh, nice. Looking forward to this one! Hopefully I’ll remember to turn up in the allotted time slot this time so I can actually get some questions in… thinking I should probably set an alarm… :smile:

AMA is tomorrow y’all. Now would be a great time to prepare questions beforehand!