The Periodic Table of WordPress Plugins/Themes

The Periodic Table of WordPress Plugins has been around for quite some time now. Today I finally launched the equivalent for themes.

Since the beginning I’ve been thinking of creating a poster version which I would give away on WordCamps and/or sell on the website. Would you be interested in such a poster? I think it’s a funny little addition to any office wall.

If someone is great at InDesign, we could kick something off, find some sponsors to keep costs low and start printing posters. Let me know in the replies!

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That’s pretty neat. How did you find the most popular themes on When I try to organize them by “most popular” i get this: - which appears not to match your list… ?

I’ve also just noticed that on this page: - looking at the top right list it says “Twenty Twelve” has been downloaded 37,244 times. Where as on this page: it says it’s been downloaded 1.5M times… so what’s the 37,244 times all about? Why don’t they match?

I believe numbers listed on are for the current month only.

So the list of the most popular themes on is ordered by the individual downloads in the past week (e.g. 37’244 for Twenty Twelve). I fetch this list via the API and order the themes by their absolute download numbers (e.g. 1.5M for Twenty Twelve). The same goes for the ThemeForest themes that are also on the list.

Regarding my initial question: Would you hang up such a poster? :smiley:

Great site!

Just curious, I noticed you didn’t use referral links on the ThemeForest ones. Any reason why not?

“Would you hang up such a poster?” - personally no. But I’m just one in 7 billion. :wink:

Thanks! Well, it was a rather spontaneous decision to add ThemeForest themes and it wasn’t my intention to use referral links. Maybe I’ll add them though. Would help to cover development and hosting costs :blush: