The Sunday Night Chat Thread

(Gary Weiner) #1

Come on in and sit a spell. This is the Sunday night random discussion thread.

Tell us what you’re up to so we can test this thing out.

I’m at work so I’ll be here until 8PM EDT. Then I’m going to go home and watch the finale of True Blood.

Maybe an impromptu Q&A here?
(Brian Ross) #2

Just as I was creating the new topic this pops up. Discourse rocks!

(Gary Weiner) #3


I like this forum software a lot so far.

(Jeff C) #4

I’ve got chicken on the grill and enjoying a shock top pumpkin wheat. The weather is beautiful this evening.

(Gary Weiner) #5

I can’t abide pumpkin beer. Seems unnatural to me somehow.

(Brian Ross) #6

Coffee for me… just got inside from yard work

(Jeff C) #7

As do I. Everything so far has been really simple and straightforward to use. I think bbPress should fork Discourse lol

(Brian Ross) #8

I like it too, a nice change for forum software

(Jeff C) #9

Just in case y’all don’t believe me

(Gary Weiner) #10

I think I might try it out. I’ve been thinking of moving away from my custom forum software, but this is the first thing I’ve found that might do the trick.

(Nikhil Vimal) #11

Hello all! This is an awesome idea.

(Jeff C) #12

And to think, it’s not even 1.0 yet!

(Brian Ross) #13

have you noticed you can start a reply and move away from the page and it keeps the reply active?

( this reply came from the home page)

(Jeff C) #14

Have any of you tried the mobile experience with WPChat? There’s some things that need work but for the most part, it works well.

(Nikhil Vimal) #15

Yep, it works pretty well so far.

(Brian Ross) #16

yes, and it works good on Android. Even highlight and reply works!

(Jeff C) #17

Yes! One of my favorite small features. You can search and navigate across the forum without losing your reply!

(Gary Weiner) #18

I haven’t. I’m not much of a phone guy, really. I mostly use mine for e-mails and playing Simpsons Tapped Out.

(Jeff C) #19

I’m all mobile for this chat, on WPChat. Works well. Speaking of Simpsons, did anyone watch the entire 500 episode marathon?

(Nikhil Vimal) #20

Did you? That would be fun, but quite a long experience.