The Sunday Night Chat Thread

(Gary Weiner) #21

Is that even possible? I haven’t watched The Simpsons regularly in over a decade.

(Morgan Estes) #22

I’m on my phone and the forum’s running great!

(Jeff C) #23

I don’t have cable TV, so couldn’t watch it.

(Brian Ross) #24

Looks like we’re going to have a thunder storm

(Jeff C) #25

Hey Morgan thanks for swinging by

(Nikhil Vimal) #26

The cloud look pretty cool now. Nice shot!

(Brian Ross) #27

Discourse does funny things to images… that shot is squished.

Thanks, Nexus 5 photo! LOL

(Jeff C) #28

Beautiful photo . Weather is my second largest interest outside of WordPress.

(Nikhil Vimal) #29

Weather is cool, I agree. It’s always fun to watch the seasons and weather go by.

(Brian Ross) #30

anyone notice you can highlight text and add it as a reply at anytime?

(Gary Weiner) #31

The summer has been unseasonably cool here in New York

(Brian Ross) #32

It’s fun, I actually have a small weather station set up at my house.

(Nikhil Vimal) #33

I heard about that, weather is an interesting thing…

(Jeff C) #34

All yeah. Dinner is served

(Nikhil Vimal) #35

Yum! Hope you enjoy that, it looks excellent.

(Gary Weiner) #36

Random picture test

(Jeff C) #37

Test successful on my end!


Had to make sure you got that Bumbleberry included in the shot huh! I just went to the movies and enjoyed drinking a beverage and reclining. Oh yeah!

Fun times!

(Brian Ross) #39

YouTube test…

(Nikhil Vimal) #40