The Sunday Night Chat Thread

(Brian Ross) #41

Vimeo works too…

(Brian Ross) #43

?? is that what a deleted post looks like?

(Brian Ross) #44

that’s strange? Anyway to force delete?


No, I flagged it too, figured maybe there was an option there. I think the WP-Overlords/ @Jeffro have to delete them.

(Gary Weiner) #46

Probably not. It’s likely a security measure so people can’t post something offensive, then delete it and play dumb.

(Brian Ross) #47

Undo delete button…

(Jeff C) #48

Well, I think it’s safe to say this forum is really good with almost real time discussions. I think the test is successful.

(Brian Ross) #49

I actually thinks it’s better then a chat client since you can reply to older post and keep them connected.

(Jeff C) #50

I see an admin notification for a flagged reply. I had options to just agree with the flag, or hide the post and send a PM. I hid the post and sent a pm.

(Gary Weiner) #51

I’d be interested to see how it run when there’s a dozen or so posts every minute

(Brian Ross) #52

That’s cool, the first post has a summary of all the links

(Jeff C) #53

Looks like @rkoffy is abusing the system. I will promptly ban him.


I am an enigma, or as you like to think I say, an enema!

(Gary Weiner) #55

Well, my relief is here. Time to bounce. I’ll check back in when I get back to home base.

(Jeff C) #56

Off to clean the office for yet another week of writing about WordPress. Oh, got a WP meetup this week.


You have all week to prepare your A/V equipment destruction skills.

(Brian Ross) #58

This was cool, nice chatting. Time to get dinner ready and some kid time. :smile:

(Jeff C) #59

Capping the evening off with one of these.

(Leland Fiegel) #60

Woops, am I late? Looks like everything went smoothly. Hope everyone is having a solid Sunday night! (Depending on time zone, of course)

(Jeff C) #61

The time keeper is way late! Going to have to bump down your user trust level