The Sunday Night Chat Thread

(Brian Ross) #62

How did the server handle the load? Maybe some screen shots from the DO control panel. :smiley:

(Gary Weiner) #63

I wouldn’t mind seeing that as well.

(James Huff) #64

Whoops, sorry I missed. There was a little matter of an unwatched Doctor Who episode, and I kind of forgot about all other things.

I’d also love to see how well it handled the load. :slight_smile:

(Leland Fiegel) #65

@est73 @chuchundra The Digital Ocean control panel doesn’t actually offer graphs or anything like that of server load. It’s basically just a naked, unmanaged server that you’re responsible for installing/viewing any monitoring software yourself.

I wasn’t actively monitoring it while the “live chat” was at it’s peak, but the fact that the server stayed online and I didn’t get any complaint emails from DO, I’d consider it a pass with flying colors. :smiley:

(Brian Ross) #66

DO, does have basic graphs that show CPU, disk, and bandwidth.

(Leland Fiegel) #67

Oops, you’re totally right @est73. Never even noticed that part before.

Screenshot is below, as requested! From the past 24 hours.

There do seem to be some spikes around the time the chat was happening.

(Gary Weiner) #68

Nifty! Thanks a bunch.

One month of WPChat. Shiny charts and stats inside
(Jeff C) #69

Yeah, we were uploading photos, embedding videos and doing all sorts of bandwidth stuff. I don’t even think the server noticed lol