Thoughts on freelancing at sites like Codeable?

(Zackary Allnutt) #21

10+ wp specifically? You need extensive wp experience. They are inundated, took a looong time to get a reply.

(Leland Fiegel) #22

I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you need to work on your English writing skills. That’s something they specifically look for. Just basic things like capitalizing “I” and not using “u” instead of “you” would go a long way.

(Nathan Ello) #23

Hey man, I’m actually the guy who hosted that AMA way back when and fast forward a couple years I’m still having an amazing experience with Codeable.

I actually just published this new piece looking back on my last 2-years with them and how I’ve been able to bring home nearly $300K thanks mostly to them >>

(Jeffrey Carandang) #24

@nate33189 does codeable still accepting developers, I just recall that I’ve signup there a year ago and haven’t got any response haha!

(Nathan Ello) #25

Yes they do >>

(Jeffrey Carandang) #26

I’ve actually submitted last year, they’ve probably rejected me lol! Haven’t got rejection response though. Anyway, good for you :slight_smile: