Thoughts on Marketing WordPress Products

(Samrat Roy) #1

Hey guys,

I’m Samrat, from WisdmLabs. As working on a very new project, I am currently clouded with few thoughts. I’m sure, everyone who has been connected to WordPress from quite some time has seen the market change. In today’s date, almost every niche is saturated.

I understand that ultimately a product drives your brand. i.e how big a problem your product is solving and why will anyone be using it? But, what I also wanted to expand on, is the thought that -
How important do you think marketing is for WordPress products?

I personally believe that in this cut-throat competition, even if you have a good product and the right audience can’t find it, you are still nothing. I might be very wrong, and hence I am putting it across to this community to bring in different perspectives.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Moeez) #2

Hi Samrat,

I second your thought that marketing is essential for a WordPress product. But not only for WordPress products. In today’s hyper competition, marketing is the driving force behind any product, be it a software or a physical product.

A contradicting thought is that your product determines if your company will be successful or not. The quality of your product, the features and the value it offers is the different between your success and failure. And if your product is on point, with a little marketing effort, you can be successful.


(Samrat Roy) #3

Hey Moeez,

Thanks for putting down your detailed thoughts! I completely agree, that marketing is the essence of every product, be it digital or physical.

Times have changed drastically. Marketing and Product development are intertwined. There is this philosophy of blue oceans which I recently came across. The philosophy is that the whole universe is divided into red and blue oceans. Read ocean is where all industries exist and blue is where nothing exists. As a business who is starting out, it is best that you try to create a product which belongs to blue ocean, i.e a product which has no competition in the market.

I personally believe that WordPress audience is more community & content driven. I also wanted to ask if community is the best kind of marketing in the WordPress space?

Thanks so much for your time.