Tips for promoting a new free WordPress plugin

Hello everyone,

I am the co-founder of a new WordPress plugin which was released in the plugin repository less than a week ago. This is our first plugin on the repo so I was just wondering if anyone had any tips/advice on the best way to promote new WordPress plugins.

I know there are quite a lot of sites that provide WordPress related news but I imagine the people who run these sites must get a lot of requests from plugin/theme owners asking them to promote their plugin/theme so im not sure what the chances are of people writing about the plugin.

Our plugin is called Ultimate Member and I am quite happy with the initial response it has had since we released it. It’s had around 800 downloads in the first six days since we launched and has also had a few positive reviews from users which is great but I was just wondering how I could let more people know about it.

Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!



plugin looks cool, will try it soon.
Write nice email about it everywhere … yes somewhere is chance smaller, somewhere bigger, anyways chance is everywhere, so try it :wink: One email does not cost much.
You can try also join any discussion about membership sites, this is really popular and with e-commerce probably the most requested topic …

You can hit me up with some details and I’ll happily cover your plugin in the next SpinPress magazine or in a blog post!

Thanks for sharing this.

Besides the repo, Look out for WordPress-related publications that are updated regularly, and have covered new, free plugins in the past. Tidy Repo, WP Tavern, WP Beginner, WinningWP, WP Mayor, and Torque are just a few. I’m sure there are others.

Are you planning on introducing any payment gateways? It seems like Stripe is the preferred choice these days for membership sites.

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We may not always cover it, but it doesn’t hurt to just contact us anyway :slight_smile: A good pitch is usually all it takes, if that.

I would’ve been especially interested in this one, considering I’ve been creating a lot of this functionality anyway.

Anyway, here were some other tips I wrote a while back about marketing WordPress products:


I read your tips last year. Very, very useful. Thanks a lot. Still slowly working our way through it before even considering getting in touch

Thanks for you advice!

Thanks so much. Will contact you soon with some more info about the plugin and what we plan to do with it.

Thanks for the links. Yes in the future we plan to introduce payment gateways but we are using the same business model as WooCommere and Easy Digital Downloads so the gateways will be offered as extensions and not part of the core verison. Thanks

Thanks for link and advice. Very interesting to hear your viewpoint. Will make sure to come up with the best pitch possible before contacting you about about featuring Ultimate Member on Post Status! :smile:

I have also written a guide on how to promote a new plugin last year which might be helpful. It is based on my own experience with promoting my products.

Furthermore your plugin might also fit nicely into my membership plugin comparison. Since a price comparison is a big part of that I have however limited it to premium or freemium plugins for now. Are you planning a pro version later on?

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Thanks for the link, some very useful info in it. Yes we are going to be releasing extensions in the near future. We are using the same business model as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads etc and having a free core version + premium extensions. So maybe I can contact you when we have released our first extensions. Do you have a preferred method for people to get in touch with you?

Hello @calumallison, you created a great plugin, I shared it on twitter :slight_smile:

can you please add ARMember in your list. ARMember is also one of the best powerful membership plugin.