Tips for quality themes



I already figured it out how to search for plugins and its not so hard as find some theme :slight_smile:
I am sure many themes on are great, but I just can not check one by one thousands of themes there, search functionality is for fun there, not for searching.

Any tips for this is welcomed. I prefer quality and I like to pay for that, so can not see any junk and tons of function in theme.

If I search for “premium” theme shop mostly I find one nice looking theme on demo, and tens of outdated crap there. This somehow avoid me to buy that one from that shop.

Is really so hard to find quality theme for WP or I do it wrong way :baby_bottle:

(Leland Fiegel) #2

First of all, when it comes to premium themes, paying for something != quality, contrary to popular (?) belief.

When looking for a quality theme, I look for author reputation, code quality, license, aesthetics…that’s pretty much it.

I realize code quality may be hard to gauge for a non-developer, but at least click through stuff to make sure it loads quickly to get a feel for it.

(Matt Medeiros) #3

Unfortunately @petercralen, it’s not that easy to measure quality authors in the repo. It’s why I’ve been ranting about some form of .org premiere “partner” or “verified” author like Twitter does for celebs. It would be easy (easy-ish) for .org to measure this by the authors code reviews, theme contributions, plugins etc.

In any case, here’s one method for validating:

(Mike McAlister) #4

Hey Peter,

It’s a bit tricky searching for themes on, even after the new layout was launched. It also doesn’t help that the previews are often not representative of what the theme can actually do.

We have some pretty nice themes over on Array. They are focused, well-built, well-supported and fairly priced. We also have a free theme called Editor on, which is nice for a blog or magazine style site. Hope that helps!


I approve with what mike said. You can also take a look on wptavern, they have a nice list of quality themes:

(Damian Smith) #6

First thing, All theme on are great but it is not possible to check around thousand of theme check one by one. Actually I suffered from same problem then I have found site. I can get solution.