Tips for selling themes on its own website

I put the lite version for themes on, I hope they will have a lot of downloads, if that is the case, logically, more people will pass the pro version.
But I wondered, why you do not sell your themes on your site?
You do the promotion yourself, you give a percentage to Creative Market for anything, since you are doing all the work.

I’ve just published my first theme on .org. Been making themes for years but never submitted one before. Am interested to see how it will do.

Regarding CM - I want to keep things simple. The fewer places I sell the theme the easier it is for me to maintain. I make most of my sales through - so anything through CM is a bonus.

Plus - as I said elsewhere - I do not want to have to worry about VATMOSS (which is a lot of work for little benefit), or maintaining the software that powers the sales system. Note that my website is not even running on WordPress. It’s basically just html (with a small amount of php for a simple templating system).

For me keeping everything as simple as can be allows me to do what I enjoy most - which is making themes.

Ah okay, now I understand :slight_smile:

  • be interesting to see the website… got a link ready yet?

Hi @BrinWilson, here:

I think the tips shared on selling WordPress plugins apply to selling themes too. Check them out here: WordPress Plugin Promotion
Generally though, you need to invest time in learning about marketing (broadly and also particularly about marketing digital products). If it is possible to partner with someone with experience in the field, great. If it is possible to consult someone with a proven track record, even better. is a good place to look for such people.
I’m re-entering the theme business myself in a few weeks so maybe I’ll have more to share after a while.
All the best!

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Started a thread here a while ago that might be of interest to you Offering Free themes with upgrade option

Hi @kakoma, thank you very much for the links :smile:
@denisb, I created the free versions of my themes but I have to wait seven weeks before a review.

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@Khothemes you have amazing themes, I’m sure the free versions will be a hit on Good luck & let us know how it goes.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:
I hope. I still have time, I have submitted it only two weeks :slight_smile:

@Khothemes ,Somehow I’ve found myself in the same predicament. Have you had any luck promoting your themes on other sites (except ? and from any of these have you noticed any increase in sales?

Hello @denisb, I tried ThemeForest at the beginning is good, then there is almost more sales, like Mojo, I also tried Creative Market, but I have made no sales, yet the themes are still not review by, I have to wait two weeks, then I hope I have more luck :slight_smile:

@Khothemes Do you have any update on this?
I got my theme approved a bout a week ago, so far it’s had about 1000 downloads and 10 sales, so you can see the conversion is really low. But I’ve done zero marketing for both of these themes.

Have you tried ThemeForest?

Hello @denisb, from the topic, I create another theme that I submitted to it not long ago, I saw he had about four months before the review.

Hi @MiroslavGlavic, yes I tried ThemeForest at first it was good but after I did no more sales, and now, my themes are no longer accepted at all :slight_smile:

change ThemeForest to other similar websites.

Does ThemeForest make you agree to exclusivity? You can only sell your theme through them or can you sell on ThemeForest and other places at the same time?

Hi @MiroslavGlavic, yes you can sell on ThemeForest and other market places, but you will receive much less money on ThemeForest.

how are your sales for the pro versions of your themes?

Hello, I have only made 283 sales in 1 year.

Here are my issues with KhoThemes (from the link above).

Hopefully you can fix some of the issues.

  1. Kong

It says download on mojo but when I click on button/link, it isn’t sold on mojo any longer
The free option is also “broken”

So why put it up if you can’t buy it or download it?

Also, putting a paid link and a free, 99% of people will go for the free option

  1. / 3) Saha & Aktina

Saha is downloadable on ThemeJunkie yet Aktina is on ThemeForest and Mojo, why spread around so much?

Saha is $49, not bad

Aktina is $59 on ThemeForest, $49 on Mojo, why the price difference FOR THE SAME THEME?

I like all three themes but I don’t like the 6 month support only, I’d do 12 months. sometimes regular people (instead of developers) have a fear or trying something new and want some help.