Tips to further increase the popularity of a plugin

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

it’s been a while since I have not been on this forum, I had a lot of work :slight_smile:

I wonder if you know the tricks to do more know a plugin?

Let me explain, there is almost 1 year, I created a plugin “Ultimate Widgets”, I created a free version of this plugin on wp.orgUltimate Widgets Light” (I made a mistake in the title I wanted to write “Lite”) :slight_smile:

In the beginning, I paid bloggers recognized for an article about my plugin, unfortunately I have won no hearings with this, what helped me was I have over 25,000 downloads including more than 2,000 active, which I think is not bad.

I want to know how to further increase the popularity of the plugin (preferably free)?

Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

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I’d imagine it would be similar to promoting a new plugin. Except when pitching, instead of saying “hey check out my brand new, unproven plugin with less than 10 active installs” you can say “check out my established plugin with 2,000+ active installs” …which would have a credibility-boosting effect.

(I know you’ve probably read all these, but just for reference for others landing on this thread)

Besides paid posts, have you made any other effort to promote it? It sounds like you’re attributing most of your results from just being listed on

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Hello @leland, thank you for your response.

To promote the plugin, I contacted several blog, but most did not answer me and the others told me said they were not doing promotion for plugins is why I had paid bloggers.

But as you said, now, my plugin is used by many people so maybe I should contact them again.

Do you blog could talk about Ultimate Widgets?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Have you experimented with paid advertising at all? BuySellAds has a “WordPress bundle” that will get your banner ad on several popular WordPress-related websites.

Then there’s Google, Facebook and Twitter ads.

My WordPress-focused “blog” is basically right here at WP Chat. :smiley:

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Hi, sorry, I meant “you know blogs could talk about Ultimate Widgets”, that was mistranslated :slight_smile:

For ads, I never tried because I saw on several websites that it was very expensive for almost nothing, so I never paid advertisements.

No worries. Have you seen the WordPress news sources thread? Lots of options in there.

Yeah, I’d be doubtful you would see any immediate ROI with this. I get the feeling companies do it as a long-term branding play for top-of-mind awareness. I talk about that a little in this post.

If you don’t have a big advertising budget, I’d imagine this strategy would cause result in a quick depletion of cash before you saw any significant results. I see it most often with products like the “X” theme, and judging from their ThemeForest sales, it seems to be helping.

No, I had not seen this thread, thank you very much :slight_smile:

The “X” theme can afford the advertising because it has a lot of money each month, with “Ultimate Widgets”, I do not earn a lot, so as you said, I would have spent my money before seeing a return on investment.

I’ll get contact several blogs, maybe some will answer me because the plugin is used by many people.

Do you know if there is a company specialized in advertising Wordpress?
If so, I think it must be very expensive :slight_smile:

Now that it’s gotten into a rhythm, yes. I’m pretty sure when they first started, they just went on an advertising blitz before sales became sustainable though.

Worth a shot. I’d imagine with better stats, you’ll have some more luck this time around.

Not aware of any WordPress-specific (as in sites that talk about WordPress, not just run on WordPress) advertising companies, no. The closest thing would probably be BuySellAds’s “WordPress bundle” that I mentioned above.

Hi @leland, thank you for all your tips :slight_smile:

Do you think I should put ads on sites with BuySellAds, have you sites in mind because I looked Wordpress bundle is over $1,000, it’s a bit too expensive for me :slight_smile:

I never used BuySellAds, so I do not know at all how it works.

Thank you very much.

Neither have I, so I wouldn’t want to advise someone to advertise on it or not. Just an idea.

Instead of the “bundle” you can still pick and choose specific sites. Like I said, I doubt you’d see any immediate ROI from it. I’d imagine most just use it to build brand equity.

Okay, thank you very much for all your advices :slight_smile:

Two suggestions off the top of my head:

1. Target organic search traffic. What problems does your plugin solve? Write posts that address those problems and include your plugin as part of the solution. Yoast does this with their WordPress SEO guide.

You could take these demo pages and replace the lorem ipsum text with useful content. For example, the Facebook Like Box widget page could be revamped to tell people why Facebook integration is important and how they can use your plugin to add it to their site.

2. Leverage your existing users. Build a list of your current plugin users. Check in with them for plugin feedback, recommendations, and referrals. e.g. ask them why they chose your plugin or what issues your plugin is solving for them. If they’re really happy with the plugin, see if they’re willing to write a review of it on their blog.

Hope that helps.

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Hello @andymci, yes it helps, thank you very much :slight_smile:
As against point 2, the plugin is sold on CodeCanyon, I can not know what customers using my plugin.

I notice a lot of Envato authors have calls to action on their sales and profile pages to opt-in to their email list and follow them on social media. Have you tried this?

You may not know every single one, but you’ll at least know of the ones interested enough to give you permission to market to them.

Hi, I will try all that you recommended, thank you very much :slight_smile: