Tool to collect content on website (images, text)

(Henning) #1

I am looking for a tool / software/ plugin that can be used to ‘collect’ or aggregate content on my website such as images, text etc. and save this to a “content-shopping-cart” of some sorts.

The idea would be that the visitor can browse the page, mark the content they like, edit their cart if needed and finally generate a single page and/or PDF from that.

Ideally (since I want to make use of this on a WordPress-website) this would be an existing plugin or at least a Javascript/jQuery-script that can be applied to the page without having to change the page itself.

I am thinking about an eCommerce-functionality (‘cart’) just for content…

Thanks for your ideas / hints!

(Richard Best) #2

Hi Henning. I’ve looked for a plugin like this before and couldn’t find one that did exactly this. The closest I could find was a bookmarks plugin by Pippin I believe and this favourites plugin: Almost sounds like what you’re after is an extension of this favourites plugin. If you find a solution, I’d love to know please. Would be a super handy plugin!

(Henning) #3

Hi Richard,

thanks for your input! Funny enough I’ve stumbled across the Favorite Posts Plugin just some 30 minutes ago myself and it looks like it could do the job.

What I dislike about it though is that the demo is not functioning correctly atm (doesn’t list the favorites correctly, cannot get it to recognize all the posts I’ve listed) and one big flaw would be that it isn’t AJAX-driven so one has to manually refresh the page which is a UX-killer…

Still thinking about extending this and getting the developer on board – will let you know if anything turns out from this.

For reference sake this is the link to Pippin’s plugin (discontinued):

Thanks again for taking the time!


(Leland Fiegel) #4

This reminds me of another topic posted earlier this year: Shopping cart plugin without the e-commerce

Maybe reading through that would give you some ideas?