Trying to sell a themeshop

(Utsav Singh Rathour) #1

Hi All,

Not sure, how the rule for selling goes here, so do let me know if posting this isn’t allowed.

I have a Theme shop, with 2 themes up on and another in queue. I have 6 themes ready to go on .org and a premium theme that went live yesterday. I have had one sell (in 1 day).
I am looking to sell it. The Theme shop has been up for just a few months and has around 7000 page views per month with the traffic always increasing.
If anyone is interested, We can discuss further.

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Just as long as an Envato account transfer isn’t involved, go for it.

Buyers and sellers just need to do their due diligence. WP Chat can’t be held responsible for deals that go bad.

It might be helpful to share some more information in the thread. Some common questions you’re gonna get:

  • What’s the theme shop?
  • How much revenue?
  • Why sell?