Twitpic is shutting down

(Leland Fiegel) #1

Going along with the other photo-related startup shutdown topics today, TwitPic also announced they’re shutting down today.

I have to admit, I’m not a fan of Twitter getting all Facebook-y with their trademark enforcement.

But if this Twitpic guy really wanted to keep it online, he could have. This trademark thing seemed more like a cop out than anything.

If Twitpic should’ve shut down for anything, it should’ve been because Twitter has offered the exact same (if not enhanced) functionality Twitpic has had for years.

And the fact that Twitpic was building a house-of-cards business on top of an API that can shut them down whenever they feel like it. Which Twitter can (and sounds like…did) use to leverage pretty much whatever they want out of them.

I think I may have a few photos up there from back in the day, but I certainly won’t miss it.

(Niels van Renselaar) #2

It’s a shame… and didn’t expected it from Twitter. But, if the name really was a problem I would have changed it and continue. So it seems like the services wasn’t providing him enough earnings and he was done with it, with all the competition and all.

(Leland Fiegel) #3

Yeah, like I said…I’m surprised it wasn’t shut down a while ago after Twitter introduced their own (better) image hosting. Many other services like quickly shut down after Twitter announced their own comparable native feature. Just shutting it down for “trademark” reasons seems like a cop out. I’m not sure how they were monetizing it but I can’t imagine it being worth it to keep it running.