Using A Shared/Common Theme Across Multiple Sites

(Damith) #1

I have a plan to build a large local web directory. There will be around 6 sites under on multi network.

But it is hard to maintain 6 themes for each each site.

So what I want is, use Shared/Common Theme Across Multiple Sites. So I can use 1 navigation menu, one sidebar, etc. It is really easy for me. How can I do it?

(Leland Fiegel) #2

You can always use the same theme, but it sounds like you want to use the same nav menus / sidebar from just one blog.

You could either hardcode them (i.e. no dynamic menus, just straight up HTML). Or (just an untested idea I had) you might be able to use the switch_to_blog function to pull the nav menu and widgets from a “master” blog:

I’m not sure if that would work as I’ve never done it before, but it’s what I would try if I ran into the same problem.

(Kenneth Guintz) #3

this still work for menus
but im not so sure if there is actually a graceful way of dealing with a shared sidebar as it is dependent on how your sidebar and widgets are being called.