Visual Composer or WP Bakery?

(Moeez) #1

So I am getting a lot of questions lately about Visual Composer. There seems to be a confusion about the page builder because apparantly it was renamed to WP Bakery but it is still being sold as Visual Composer on their website.

What’s the deal here?

(Leland Fiegel) #3

They are two distinct proudcts.

WPBakery is what they renamed their “original” product called Visual Composer, distributed at

Visual Composer is a new product built from the ground up, distributed at

Which website are you referring to here?

(Moeez) #4

Hi Leland,

I was referring to the Visual Composer site you just mentioned. Thank you for clearing out the confusion.

(Nishant Thakur) #5


Visual Composer - Codecanyon (Exclusive Author)


WPBakery Page Builder - Codecanyon (NonExclusive Author) +
Visual Composer Website Builder -