Vote On or Suggest a new Name for Recipe Management Plugin

(Daniel Iser) #1

Hey Guys,

Have a plugin that is a few years old and just finished a huge ground up redevelopment.

The plugin is/was called Cooked, but another developer released an extremely similar plugin last year on CodeCanyon with the same name. Rather than deal with the hassle, I have decided to just rename the plugin line.

That said here is a brief summary of the plugin for namesake:

  • Plugin as a platform (freemium / addon model).
  • Can easily be adapted to manage crafting, tutorials, corporate policy & procedures and just about anything else that has steps & a list of required items.

Really prefer a single word name, even made up.

Here are the options so far:

  • Baked
  • Method
  • Crafted
  • Steps

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User Submitted Options (If you like these vote with a like to the submitters post below:

  • Walker (Walk throughs) submitted by @Kobe.
  • Recipe submitted by @jaysyder Personally my favorite simply because it will easily rank for my key market, though may be too general and lack anything special sounding. Call it Recipe for WordPress. Look forward to others input.

If you think you have one better we would love to hear it, list it here.

(Kobe Ben Itamar) #2

Out of the suggested options my favorite is ‘Steps’ (having in mind what you wrote about how the plugin can easily be adapted to manage tutorials/crafting/etc).
In addition I would suggest adding ‘Walker’ to the names list - as a plugin that helps create a walk-through.

Good luck :slight_smile:

(Daniel Iser) #3

Thanks for the great suggestion, didn’t consider walk through :slight_smile:

(Charlie) #4

I like Kobe’s suggestion above. Walker.

(Jay Syder) #5

Yeah think Steps is probably the best there or even Walker. Any reason you haven’t mentioned the option Recipe? I mean a word like recipe lets you know it is more than steps or instructions given that it can include ingrediants / parts.

Maybe something like Manual would be better. As usually you get manual for building something and it includes what you need plus instructions.

(Daniel Iser) #6

I though of using Recipe, pretty self explanitory, but definitely lacking any wow. For sure would be the first result pretty quickly though for my primary market :slight_smile:

Consider it added.

Manual sounds so drab too. Damn eBay for setting such high standards so early on. But HINT: my oldest plugin Easy Modal is / was #1 for WP Modal anything, so rebranded to Popup Maker simply because Popup = more traffic :).

So Recipe could be winner honestly. Lets see what others think.

My plan is to give this a few more days then take all the results and do a twitter poll so that I can get more votes on it. They tend to vote more when they don’t have to leave twitter stream.

(Jay Syder) #7

Yeah understand not going with manual as it doesn’t have the wow factor that was the only thing I could think of apart from recipe that I thought made a better descriptive name but maybe someone else will think of another name that gets a good balance of wow / unique with a solid meaning.

Anyways hope it all goes well and will be interesting to see the result of this and the twitter polls.

(Daniel Iser) #8

Just wanted to let everyone know that we finally just decided to go with the simple choice for name sake “Recipe Manager” now available on

Thanks for the great suggestions.

(Leland Fiegel) #9

Straight to the point. I like it.