We are (@jozoor) selling these 2 WordPress plugins

(Mohamed Abd Elhalim) #1

Hey Everyone,

We are (@jozoor) selling these 2 WordPress plugins:

#1 Shortcode Cleaner (freemium plugin):

Clean your WordPress content from unused broken shortcodes automatically.

  • Website: https://plugins.jozoor.com/shortcode-cleaner/

  • Free: wordpress .org/plugins/shortcode-cleaner-lite/

  • Pro: codecanyon .net/item/shortcode-cleaner-clean-wordpress-content-from-broken-shortcodes/21253243

  • The plugin is created in 2018 and made $10,204 in revenue so far.

  • The revenue from this year 2019 = $5,979

  • Free version active installs 900+

#2 Arabic Webfonts (free plugin):

An easy way to add Arabic fonts to any theme without coding using WordPress Customizer.


The plugin is created in 2015 and active installs 8,000+

Why we sell these plugins?
Because we’re working on other new projects and we don’t have more time for development and support.

If you’re interested in one of any plugins, please feel free to contact me (DM or info[at]jozoor[.]com) so we can talk about the details.

Best Regards,