We are looking for a "local" RSS feed aggregator

(Dejan Markovic) #1

We are looking for a “local” RSS feed aggregation plugin/service for our site (meaning plugin/service can aggregate the feeds from our site based on the end users choice).

  1. We have different feeds on our site (News, Tips, Tutorials) and our users should be able to choose for example to receive the updates from only News and Tips feeds.
  2. Agregation - ability for users to only receive one email when they subscribe to multiple feeds and there’s an update that applies to multiple feeds. For xample maybe updating feeds only once per day.
  3. If user registers to feed today, they should not receive older posts (posts posted before today) only posts after the time/day they have signed up for the feed.
  4. ability for site admins to combine multiple initiatives/pages into a single feed

Thanks in advance!


I was a little perplexed by your description; I think of an RSS aggregator as something like Planet, but I think you are looking for an email service.

I’d look at Postmatic, even if it doesn’t have your exact thing, it will give you a sense of what those plugins/services do.

I don’t recommend Mailchimp, but I think they have a feed-to-mailing list feature. So some newsletter services will have RSS intergrations.

If you are looking to customize RSS feeds, search for “feed aggregator”; I prefer FeedWordPress. :slight_smile:

(Leland Fiegel) #3

Have you considered a REST API-based solution?