Welcome to the revamped WP Chat!

(Leland Fiegel) #1

Welcome to the new and improved WP Chat, powered by Discourse!

Aiming to be the premiere source for discussion about:

  • WordPress business/entrepreneurship
  • The latest in advanced development practices
  • Upcoming events (WordCamps, meetups, etc.)

Also, considering we are brand new we don’t have any formal “rules” at the moment but the following two guidelines should suffice for now:

  • Don’t spam
  • Be respectful

And that should do it.

Update Jan. 19, 2015: Having some slight problems with affiliate links and self-promotion.

  1. Promoting your own products (or products for the company you work for) is totally fine. But please make your affiliation clear. It could be as simple as “We at [company] want to thank you for using our product.” But you can’t pretend you’re some outsider and say something like “I just bought [the product that I’m secretly affiliated with] and it’s awesome,” because it’s just dishonest and skeevy.

  2. No affiliate links. Non-affiliate links to paid products are fine just as long as they’re relevant to the discussion.

Feel free to sign up and have a look around. It’s totally free!

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