What are some of the features that you wish WordPress had or improved?

(Moeez) #1

WordPress is the best but it’s not perfect. What are some of the features that you wish WordPress had or some current features that you think should be improved?

(Mahdi Yazdani) #2

You can see ideas members of the WordPress community here.


I’d really like it if homepage creation/setup was more intuitive out of the box and not grouped in with the creation of other pages. Tiny issue compared to other things, but it’s the one that irks me the most for whatever reason.

(Leland Fiegel) #4

This is a good point. Different themes handle it in different ways which leads to an inconsistent experience. Maybe Gutenberg will help solve that problem.

Have you tried any existing/polished page building products like Beaver Builder?


I wish there was an opt-in page for new sites, which asked for all the stats and connections to the WP servers that WordPress does out of the box. It has always irritated me.

I wish Google Fonts weren’t used in the default yearly themes, as they provide a snapshot of “best practices” and it is difficult to find a theme that doesn’t load Google Fonts. Recently Google Fonts were moved out of core, but that had been one of my sore spots.

I am mostly fine with the user experience, but the server admin and security issues are of great concern, and I don’t like site or servers making calls to third parties without enthusiastic consent.


I haven’t looked closely enough, but I also wish the Customizer, when overriding CSS, would write those to a separate file and link to it, so it could be minified with other stylesheets, or at the very least cached by the browser. Currently, it adds it to the head, and adds that much to every page load.

On some of my posts, setting an accent color in a theme can add up to be 25% of the page size. That’s not cool.