What are the top five plugins you install on every site

(Kakoma) #21

Autochimp To automatically broadcast published posts to Mailchimp subscribers. I manually embed the mailchimp subscription forms with a one-liner in functions.php
Akismet She’s faithfully staved off all forms of spam

Going to check-out the backup plugins suggested here.

(Leland Fiegel) #22

Nice, haven’t heard of this one before. Huge fan of MailChimp so always like to keep an eye out for related WordPress plugins.

(Knut Sparhell) #23

WP Serverinfo
All-on-one SEO with sitemap module
Akismet OR Spam Destroyer
Advanced Automatic Updates
Live Comment Preview
Better Delete Revisions
TinyMCE Advanced
WP Help
Warn Other Admins (modified)
WP 101
Create Child Theme (modified)
Email Log
Dashboard Notes (new)
Client Status (modified)

In Jetpack i activate Sharing, Publicize, Contact Form, Widget Visibility, Extra Widgets, Statistics, Monitor

(Jeff C) #24

I do think that’s over the 5 plugin limit in the post title :slight_smile: Do you actually install all of those on most sites your personally associated with?

(Knut Sparhell) #25

One should read the post title before replying.

No, not all on all sites. I always, without any exception, install WP-Serverinfo, Client Status and Advanced Automatic Updates. Almost always AIOSEO, TinyMCE Advanced and … oops, I reached 5 again :slight_smile:

WP-Serverinfo gives me PHP version, memory, extensions loaded, file upload restrictions and more. I need that to be able to give diagnose when something is not right. And when people invite me to their site there is almost always something broken.

Advanced Automatic Updates ensures their plugins are always updated. I don’t have the time to update for others, and the owners either haven’t the time either, or don’t care or dont’ understand.

Client Status gives me a tool manage nearly 40 sites using an hour or two weekly, giving me their uptime, update status, pending comments and more, nicely lined up in a table. This plugin seems to be abandoned, so I have made some local, not shared yet, modfications for it to run on PHP > 5.3.

(Jeff C) #26

Just curious, why do you use Advanced Automatic Updates if you can add a parameter to WP-Config to alter the behavior so that you can get security and plugin updates automatically? That would save you a plugin.

(Knut Sparhell) #27

No need to “save” a plugin. The plugin does exactly what I want, have control, of what gets updated and what is not. I don’t use the same settings all over. Some places I don’t risk updating themes automatically, because I don’t know anything about it and need to see what happens if I try. Many, but not all places, I have WordPress update major, too.

I’m not a fan of adding a line of code here and there. I put them in plugins, or install one. That way, what I do is transparent to my clients, and they may take control whenever they want. And for some, when they try to, they discover they need me, after all :slight_smile:

(James Huff) #28

I similarly use BruteProtect for automatic plugin updates rather than setting the constants.

The crucial filters that actually enable plugin/theme updates need to be added to an active plugin file or the active theme’s functions.php file. Rather than add those to a plugin or theme that would of course be “wiped” in an update, I just prefer to use a plugin that’s already there specifically for auto-updating. :slight_smile:

(Jeff C) #29

BruteProtect for automatic updates? Are you sure you didn’t mean a different plugin?

(James Huff) #30

Definitely BruteProtect. Remember, all Pro features, including “Auto Remote Updates & Monitoring
For WordPress plugins, themes, & core” are now free post-acquisition. :slight_smile:

(Jeff C) #31

I must have spaced that cause I didn’t think BruteProtect did that. Hope that comes along for the ride into Jetpack

(Omar Corrales) #32

I don’t use many plugins but the ones i do use are:
All-on-one SEO
Google Analytic by Yoast

(Brin Wilson) #33

Every site:

  • Akismet - stops spam.
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast - quite possibly the best SEO plugin ever.
  • Google XML Sitemaps - Google needs to know what’s going on.
  • W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache - speed is important.

Almost every site:

  • VaultPress - almost every site of any importance needs regular backups!
  • Relevanssi - default WP search sucks.
  • WooSidebars - because no two sidebars should ever be the same. Lol

Most sites:

  • JetPack - bloated, yes, brilliant, also yes!
  • Disqus - hated by some loved by others… but looks great! :wink:


(Brin Wilson) #34

Jeff - can you please get off your super-blogging behind and fix ‘Simple Comment Editing’ (according to this post one of your must-install-on-every-site plugins) on WPTavern… honestly, the amount of dumb mistakes I’m making in my comments on the site lately… lol - I’m embarrassing myself! :wink:

(Jeff C) #35

It’s not my issue to fix, it’s apparently related to the caching situation on BlueHost. I’ll ping our technical guy again to see if I can re-energy him to look into it.

(Amit Mojumder) #36
  1. Jetpack for social commenting, mobile theme, subscription and a lot of stuff.
  2. Yoast SEO plugin which contains Sitemap functionality
  3. W3Total Cache for performance
  4. Contact Form 7
  5. TinyMCE Advanced

(Jimmy Smutek) #37
  1. WP Migrate DB Pro w/ Media Files add on.
  2. Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  3. CPT UI
  4. Gravity Forms
  5. Yoast WordPress SEO

1-4 form the backbone of my toolkit because with them I can build just about whatever I want. If I need a slider I use Soliloquy.

I didn’t include Akismet because it’s installed by default. I also use JetPack a lot, but didn’t include it because as nice as it is, it’s not as essential to my work flow as the first 4. I do use it on just about every site though, it’s really nice.

I keep developers licenses for all of the premium plugins that I use because I use them so often and because they are so damn helpful. Yoast is the only exception, I use the free version because it’s so powerful out of the box.

(Tim Nash) #38

Threads like this are quick ways to get my blood pressure up, so I don’t know why I read it :frowning:
Anyway, surely the answer is plugins that do the job if you are installing the same plugins over and over are you doing so because they are things you install or because you need.

Very much on a tangent something I wrote a few months ago on my “Must-Use” plugins which I think is as close to my top 5 as I will ever get:

(Matt) #39

There are a few things that I cannot live without and have found to be important when building a good site. These will stay running after the site goes live:

  1. ACF Pro - http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/pro/
  2. Zero Spam - https://wordpress.org/plugins/zero-spam/
  3. Sucuri - wordpress.org/plugins/sucuri-scanner/
  4. Login with Ajax - wordpress.org/plugins/login-with-ajax/
  5. Brute force protector, they all work, but it’s needed. Maybe: wordpress.org/plugins/brute-force-login-protection/

There are also development plugins that I cannot live without like ThemeCheck, Query Monitor, and Debug Bar to name a few. Maybe ManageWP worker, it does a lot of the backup, maintenance, and SEO analysis if you have multiple sites and do not want to install an extra plugin for seo, backup, and maintenance.

(Belmin) #40

I don’t like to use a lot of Plugins, and I recommend same to theme user.

1.Yoast SEO
3.Contact form 7