What are the top five plugins you install on every site

(Benjamin Intal) #41

A bit of an old thread. However, I’m new so here’s my take on the topic :smile:

Top 5

  1. Jetpack - So many helpful features, this really gets rid of a lot of unnecessary plugins.
  2. iThemes Security - Better safe than sorry. You really need added security even if you think you don’t need it. We’ve blocked a lot of brute force login attempts because of this.
  3. WordPress SEO by Yoast - I need this for SEO (duh) & breadcrumbs
  4. Titan Framework - My own plugin. We need this since the sites we deploy are built around Titan Framework. Titan makes it very easy to build customizer options.
  5. W3 Total Cache - We only use some functionality like page caching. No minify since it can create unwanted results.

Honorable mentions
6. ImageInject - This isn’t installed on every site, but if it’s used for blogging then this really helps for those featured images. Kudos to @thoefter
7. CloudFlare - Not a plugin, but you know what it is.

(Jason) #42

I go with the less is more idea: :slight_smile:

(Topher) #44

I don’t think there are 5 that I do on every site.

  1. WP Super Cache (because speed)
  2. Rename wp-login.php (because it’s simple and helps make my site faster)

I think that might be it for every single site.

(Leland Fiegel) #45

Interesting, haven’t heard of this before but seems really popular on WordPress.org. How does it make your site faster though?

(Topher) #46

I did a blog post on that here: https://topher1kenobe.com/making-wordpress-faster/

Basically it makes wp-login.php return a 404, which still spins up PHP and Apache and Mysql. So THAT doesn’t make it faster, but then I use .htaccess to make it return a 403 instead, and THEN we’re not spending those resources. I did on 60 sites on my server and it changed everything.


so its more simply, not faster … if I understand it well, bc. nobody type wp-login.php, but just /admin or /login so with that plugin you avoiding that one 302 redirect? Sure its also nicer and maybe more secure … to have /tralalalogin :wink:

(Russell Jamieson) #48


WordPress SEO by Yoast has XML Sitemaps too, what does Google XML Sitemaps give that Yoast does not?

(Brin Wilson) #49

Yes, you’re right. At the time of writing I had forgotten that Yoast’s SEO plugin covers the functionality of XML Sitemaps. :smile:


Here is my sauce:
WordPress SEO by Yoast
WP Rocket

If need widgets, then also
Display Widgets

Actually I push everywhere theme

Everything has home on Digital Ocean servers.

(Miroslav Glavić) #52

Antispam Bee - Spam
Custom Login - branding your login page
Disable Automatic Background Updates - I don’t have to update wp-config.php
Footnotes for WordPress - Footnotes
FV Top Level Categories - gets rid of /category/
Hello Spock - my plugin, Spock quotes version of Hello Dolly
Loginizer - helps with bruteforce attacks
NextGEN Gallery - photos
One Click Close Comments - guess what this one does
WP Smush - makes the file sizes of photos/images smaller
WPtouch Mobile Plugin - guess
Weather Underground - I seriously love weather.

(Jeffrey Carandang) #53

Here’s mine :slight_smile:

Yoast SEO - for SEO
iThemes Security Plugin - for Security
Widget Options Plugin - for Widget Management ( i’m the creator of this plugin )
Akismet - for spam protection
Forty Four - 404 Page and Redirection Plugin - for redirects and 404 Page ( i’m the creator of this plugin also )

I hope this helps.

Edited thanks @leland for letting me know that it needs to add if I’m associated with the plugin.



there are some beautiful mentions in here. cheers guys! as of migration tools, i use https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-wp-migration/ with plenty of paid addons

(Mustaasam Saleem) #55

Personally, I use:

  • Contact Form 7
  • Spam Filtering (Akismet)
  • Security (WordFence)
  • SEO (Yoast)
  • Social Sharing (Super Socializer)
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
  • OptinMonster
  • JetPack
  • Speed (Experienced with W3TC, WP Rocket and Breeze)

(Yannick) #56

Top 5 ?

Well, let’s see :

Gravity forms, of course, for its awesomeness :slight_smile:
Widget Options cause I love to make everything I want in my widgets area
Jackmail, just because I made it haha :stuck_out_tongue:

(Moeez) #57

Not a big fan of Jetpack as it comes with a lot of luggage. My 5 are:


(Abhishek Deshpande) #58

Here are Top five Plugins you install on every site

1.Jetpack - Jetpack offers a suite of powerful features for your WordPress site. Enhanced security, improved site performance, plenty of content tools, and visitor engagement features are all part of this plugin

  1. Google XML Sitemaps - This plugin will automatically generate an XML sitemap for your site. Having an XML sitemap is crucial in helping search engines better index your blog.

  2. Contact Form 7 - Multiple contact forms can be created and managed through this plugin. No need for extra coding with the Contact Form 7 plugin, as the form and mail contents can be easily customized through the settings.

  3. WP Mail SMTP - The WP Mail SMTP plugin reconfigures the WordPress delivered mail function to use SMTP.

  4. Display Widgets - Display Widgets enables you to change your sidebar content for different pages, categories, and more.

Shri Krishna Technologies

(Jeffrey Carandang) #59

You might want to check this plugin of mine : https://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-options/ as replacement for Display Widgets since the development and updates were discontinued. I’ve also created a very easy migration tutorial here : https://widget-options.com/easily-migrate-display-widgets/ and I hope this could be really helpful. Cheers!


These are all such great suggestions! Thank you

(Moeez) #61





BJ Lazy load


WP Super Cache
WP Migrate DB Pro