What are you doing on this Friday night?

(Jeff C) #1

What are you folks up to on this Summer Friday evening? How many of you are working? I’m relaxing on the forum with an ice chilled beverage.

(James Huff) #2

I should have left the .org support forums hours ago. I’m about to run away screaming, switch off the breaker to the office, and get some food. :slight_smile:

(Jeff C) #3

Do you keep weekends to your self meaning you don’t work on weekends?

(James Huff) #4

I don’t do “real work” on the weekends, but I might hang around the .org support forums if I’m extremely bored.

(Jeff C) #5

lol, a true passion you have :smile: I need my sanity and so, try to be offline on the weekends but it doesn’t always work out that way

(Jan Dembowski) #6

Looking to catch the sunset with the family at the Grand Canyon. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jan Dembowski) #7

Also MacManX should have left the forums hours ago. :wink:

(Jeff C) #8

Awesome. If you get the chance, take a photo on your phone and let us see it as well :smile:

(James Huff) #9

I’m working on it, but people keep replying! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jan Dembowski) #10

If I manage to capture it with my phone I’ll tweet it. :wink:

(Jan Dembowski) #11

Done. Didn’t come out so good but here you go. :wink: http://instagram.com/p/sBfqAyJXRP/

(Jeff C) #12

Awesome. I guess instagram is not one of the supported oEmbed providers in Discourse. Anywho, what a great view. Looks better than a support forum, wouldn’t you say?

(Brian Ross) #13

Working on a new API for my Stripe service.

(Jeff C) #14

Well that sounds just fantastic! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gary Weiner) #15

Watching pre-season football and doing a little tinkering,

(Gary Avery) #16

I’m doing insomnia, it’s 4am saturday morning here in UK…

(Jan Dembowski) #17

I normally watch the forums to unwind from work. I’d indulge but the Internet access where I am right now is spotty.

Also I am on vacation. :wink:

(Jeff C) #18

Which team are you a fan of? I’m a fan of the Browns who are often called the Clowns :smile:

(Jeff C) #19

Been there and done that, usually by choice.

(Jeff C) #20

Well, get the hell off the internets and enjoy it! Based on your twitter stream, vacation couldn’t come soon enough for you :smile: