What are you doing on this Friday night?

(Gary Weiner) #21

New York Giants. I generally hang out on BigBlueInteractive.com, which is the Giants site I run.

(Jeff C) #22

Looking at that site, don’t you wish the Sidebar ended just after the Arribus image so your Featured content area could take up the full page? This is a common thing I see across a lot of WordPress sites. The sidebar has a giant empty space because the content area is so long. Then again, maybe that would make the site look crowded.

(Gary Weiner) #23

I go back and forth with it, really. I’d like to re-do it again, but I really don’t have time. I based it off the Suffusion theme, but I’d like to use an actual magazine theme.

It’s not actually my site. I do all the tech work. There are things I might change if it was actually mine. I think it’s too ad heavy, but the site owner needs the money.

I wrote the forum software from scratch in PHP. I’m reasonably proud of that, clunky and basic as it is.

(Brian Ross) #24

Also watching the Seahawks beat up the Bears. :slight_smile:

(Gary Weiner) #25

Da’ Bears!

(Jeff C) #26

The reigning supa bowl champs! Also the team that helped inspire the Richard Sherman says WordPress plugin lol. http://www.taupecat.com/wordpress-plugins/

(Jeff C) #27

That skit never gets old!

(Jeff C) #28

I’m thinking about watching a Clint Eastwood movie, which one do you folks suggest?

(Brian Ross) #29

“U MAD BRO?” Lol… Sherman is awesome!