What Do You Think Of Discourse So Far?

The Meta category is used for topics specifically about WPChat and the Discourse forum. Just wanted to know from those who have used the forum for a little while what your thoughts were. Anything you like or dislike about it? It’s different than your typical forum software but I like what I see so far.

One pet peeve I have is the wording of when I’m awarded a new badge. It says “You were granted Name of badge” it makes it sound like I receive more permissions or something. Instead of You Were Granted, I’d like to see it changed to You Were Awarded as I think that’s more in line with getting a badge.

In other forums, it’s easy to see the last person who replied to a topic. Discourse is using avatars and you need to hover over them to see if they responded last or are the original poster. I’m not sure about that. I think the glowing outline of the avatar is a sign that they are the last poster but I’m not sure.

That’s what I have so far.

It’s very nice. Clean design and easy to use. I’d love to see this built-in to BBPress and see this site running on WordPress and BBPress since it’s a forum about WordPress. But it doesn’t bother me since the forum works well.

Wellll, I get the sentiment of having a forum about WordPress should be running WordPress with bbPress but, Discourse offers so much more out-of-the-box to quickly engage in conversations than bbPress. I haven’t used bbPress myself yet but I have to wonder if its feature set or lack of prevents people from even considering it as an option.

Oh, and I found out the glowing avatar means that person is the last one to have replied to a topic.

BBPress alone is very limiting but there are so many plugins that could add on it. But Discourse is pretty sweet from what I can tell, so I totally understand why go with something superior.

The age old question, something basic I can bolt everything onto or use something that has most of what I need/want out of the box? I think skill level, patience, and needs all play a role into decisions like those. Hey, it’s pretty neat that both projects are GPLv2 licensed! Let’s fork Discourse and call it bbPress Revamped!

It’s definitely very opinionated software. It’s also apparent a lot of thought went into every little detail. If there’s something that seems “off” it feels like whatever it is was already carefully considered, and it’s by design. I’m definitely liking it so far.

I’m also hoping that bbPress (or at least some bbPress plugin developers) can draw some inspiration from it.

It’s great right out of the box for a barebones forum, but you need a whole slew of plugins to even get close to the feature level of Discourse.


I’m loving it. :slight_smile:

Well thought out UX, and very focused on fostering, well, ongoing discourses. The email notifications even quote the whole thread where you’re being mentioned in a later reply… so you can easily read the whole thread in your inbox.

I have little experience with forum softwares, but the way this turns out shows great amount of thought and work behind it. Not too much. Not too little. Just about right. That’s no easy feat at all.

I like it. But I was just totally stumped when I’d written a reply and couldn’t find the Reply button anywhere! Turns out I was logged out and it doesn’t show when you’re logged out. Seems like it should be replaced with a Log In button though – something to make it clearer to the user why they can’t post.

It’s very nice. I might steal some of the features for my forum software. :wink:

It’s different, but a good different… I’ve used forums for some time and I can see Discourse as being a step in the right direction.

Plus it’s way better then the current trend of Facebook groups.

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So far im liking it. The overall appeal of it to me is that it gives this vibe that every user is part of the conversation compared to some of the traditional alternatives we have. I was also surprised about the glowing avatar refering to the last person that responded to a thread/topic

I think forum packages should be “limiting”.and each website owner can add their own plugins.
Not every feature you can put on xyz will be used by every website.

Here is verybasicpackage, here are all the extensions/plugins you can use.

Example: Jetpack’s mobile.theme, I can’t even put my logo on top, hence why I use wptouch.

Bloated software sucks

EDIT: I have used PHPBB, SMF, mybb, vanilla, punbb, XMB, minibb and bbpress

I was very active with xmb but I was out of that community for a year and now I see it is dead/issues with ownership

phpbb is also one of my top used options.

SMF not really like it that you are FORCED to leave the footer alone.

The others nothing special.

Discourse seems a bit plain. I don’t like minimalistic/basic things. Sorry. I like flare, just not bloated flare.

I am really impressed with it and its actually one of the reasons I decided to sign up. Discourse feels much smoother and more modern than the usual experience I have had with vB, bbPress and all the old players. Many things are different but it is easy enough to get used to them and most make sense.

Just out of curiosity, what’s the hosting setup for this site?

Leland says what he’s using in this blog post.


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We’ve been using Discourse for Roots for the past year and have seen the software go through lots of changes. Upgrading used to be a huge pain in the ass, but now it’s a lot easier with Docker.

Previously we used Google Groups which was a nightmare. Gotten a lot of compliments about Discourse and I’m looking forward to what they’re going to do with it in the future :thumbsup:


Is there anything in particular about Discourse you don’t like or wish it had?

There were a couple times where I thought it would be nice if it wasn’t a flat forum but I got over that. All these new badges seem like a little bit too much, but at least all of that can be configured.

Can’t really think of any features I’d like to see right now. :blue_heart: Discourse.

Loving WPChat and Discourse so far. But is there a way of some custom styling? That would be nice.

Listening to you and @leland talk about the process on WPWeekly. This has been a successful experiment and will keep growing.
Wish it has Safari Notifications (yes, I use Safari!).

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