What Do You Think Of Discourse So Far?

(Fikri Rasyid) #21

I agree with @qriouslad:

Well thought out UX, and very focused on fostering, well, ongoing discourses.

Two of my favorites feature of Discourse so far:

  1. That reply count (7/20) which updates itself when I scroll down the page so I know the length of this thread, and how much stuff that can be read left
  2. Markdown + previewing when I’m typing a reply so I know how my reply will look like

Regardless that two features, the UI of the Discourse feels clean, familiar, and “right” too.

One thing I don’t quite like tho: the logo of WP Chat looks like something we saw everywhere on 2004. Glossy icon feels too web 2.0-ish, IMO :expressionless: