What do you think of Gutenberg, the proposed new WordPress editor?

(Leland Fiegel) #1

Be sure to read over the technical overview and check out the Gutenberg demo to get a feel of the how “editor blocks” work. It’s quite slick.

This is going to be a huge win for WordPress users. Even with editor styles, it’s still a bit of a surprise how your content will eventually look. I tend to write directly in the WordPress editor, and I find myself constantly switching back and forth between editor and preview to see how my content looks.

This would eliminate that step, and be a significant improvement over the current writing/preview experience.

This ongoing push to standardize front-end editing may also have the unintended side effect of adversely affecting commercial WordPress product businesses (like Aesop Editus) that deal in similar areas.

Overall, I think it’s a good thing, and will help WordPress better compete with the likes of Wix, SquareSpace, and Medium. What do you think?

(Ben) #2

I’m quite excited to see how this pans out.

I think it could have a huge effect on page builder type plugins. They will have to innovate an awful lot to be able to compete. Presuming the blocks system is pluggable (which I’m sure it will be) then I there will end up being all sorts of additional blocks that allow you to do everything that page builders can currently do.

(Mahdi Yazdani) #3

Cool stuff is going to happen here!
They are taking WordPress front-end editing environment to the next level, and definitely will be a game changer, this will be a great feature from an ordinary user perspective (especially free users!), but in the meantime will cause a huge challenge to page builder plugins and those who focused on front-end manipulation and editing.
Of course, there are some authors :slight_smile: who tried to simulate everything including WP-Editor itself to achieve front-end modification (to whatever it takes and costs :laughing: )

(Russell Heimlich) #4

I hope they spend extra time making extending these new blocks really polished. I hate how hard and confusing and un-WordPress like it is to extend the new media library.

(Rhys Wynne) #5

I’m a big fan, and I think it’s something that is needed! Hopefully it sees a lot of growth within the next year or so.

I think it’s not only a threat to page builders, but also for themes. Themes would probably have to innovate to include it (Check the image and click the expand button). Could you imagine the support requests from most theme users wanting to incorporate the full width image?

(Andy McIlwain) #6

I like what I’m seeing so far. It’s not as comprehensive as a typical page builder plugin (e.g. Visual Composer or Beaver Builder), but still provides enough control over page flow. Really digging it from a content composition standpoint. Feels kinda like Medium.

To the point about Aesop: I expect the new editor experience to be “vanilla”, leaving room for 3rd party plugins like Aesop to either extend it with additional features or continue iterating on their own unique approach.

(Tara) #7

As someone who has opted to dive in to using Beaver Builder for most of my client projects, I am a bit nervous about what Gutenberg will do to Beaver Builder sites in the long term. I am confident the devs at BB are on top of this and am hoping they are able to integrate seamlessly once Gutenberg is shipped with a future update. I can’t imagine chaos that would ensue the thousands sites built with page builders …

(David McCan) #8

My understanding is that the Beaver Builder devs have been involved in discussions with the Guttenberg devs … at least to share “lessons learned.”

As far as I know, it has not been decided, but it sounds like the plan is to make it so users choose one or the other. That is how Beaver Builder is now. As Guttenberg matures then I imagine (hope) there will be more direct integration.


I don’t enjoy much front-end editing and all kind of admin like functions on front-end. After few minutes of testing Gutenberg I uninstalled it, as it was pain for me :wink:
Anyway I hope that Gutenberg can brings more lightweight and simple themes to live as many functions (sections, layouts, widgets …) from heavy loaded monsters will be unnecessary.
Interesting would be horizontal blocks, otherwise (if I don’t miss something) I don’t see as improvement to create block instead of hitting the “Enter” inside a regular editor.

(Alex MacArthur) #10

Big fan of the concept; just not so confident about the initial rollout. I’m sure it’ll get a ton of criticism (it already is), but just as WordPress as a whole has evolved and improved over time, I’m sure Gutenberg will as well, so I’m all-in on making it better incrementally.

(Leland Fiegel) #11

Here’s a critical take on Gutenberg: http://gschoppe.com/wordpress/gutenberg-is-no-gutenberg/

Interesting read.

(Kenneth Guintz) #12

I like gutenberg i just want the documentation for it to fully written and it should written well. at the end of the day for people like me who are just commoners what can we do to stop it? none other than just witness the entire process unfold. i guess im a conformist but Gutenberg is just a reality in the WP community that one has to face head on . its like the light bill every month at least there is an advance notice that allows you to prepare if there is an increase or deffered tax you need to pay. if you get what i mean.

I remember when Customizer was set free on the wild. it raised a lot of concerns for theme developers that heavily relied on the options API of wordpress.

with Gutenberg on the Horizon. One question remains and i think Triple J or John James Jacoby asked this before… What will Happen to the Dashboard? if you think about it the preffered method of customization is now on the front end. gutendberg heavily suggest that content editing will also soon be in the front end. by virtue of that will have a domino effect on what remains of the wp dashboard.

(John Cory) #13

I went to Seattle WordCamp last week and heard Morten Rand-Hendriksen talk about how we all need to go to this or that issue (not to mention all of this) on GitHub and log our hopes and fears about Gutenberg. I did so for myself but still don’t really get it.

(Moeez) #14

So far the plugin hasn’t gotten much positive feedback from WordPress users. I think there are many issues related to user experience. I tested it my self and it’s just not quite there yet. I am sure they will work something out but for now it’s not what they want it to be.

(Ben) #15

Absolutely agreed that it’s not there yet, but I think there’s a distinction here to be made between users and developers. I suspect many of the people complaining at the moment are developers.

I imagine that most ‘normal users’ are not even aware it exists, let alone having an opinion of it. I suspect once it’s ready for normal users to test it will be much more fully formed and they will love the extra power they’ve been given (exactly what many devs are concerned about).