What do you think of my theme?

(Nicolas Lecocq) #1

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I do not know if I have the right to create this kind of topic, if not, sorry.

I created a WordPress blog personal theme, I submitted the theme on ThemeForest, I’d love to have your opinion.
Do you think I need to improve or change certain things.

Demo: http://khothemes.com/preview/easy/
Header Transparent: http://khothemes.com/preview/easy/transparent-header/

Thank you very much, have a nice day :slight_smile:

(Giulio) #2

It looks very nice I like the full page slideshow. But I don’t understand, do you want to sell it as a WooCommerce theme, or personal blog? I see that you’ve implemented a WooCommerce menu too.
Also, what is a bit confusing to me is that when you scroll down the header disappears, and it shows up again when you scroll up.
Do you bundle any plugins with the theme? Just curious, personally I’m totally against this practice

(Nicolas Lecocq) #3

Hello, thank you for your comment, it’s a personal blog theme, I put the shop menu to show that it is possible to integrate WooCommerce.
For the header, it is only an effect, it is possible to disable it through the panel.
For premium plugins, there are only two, Revolution Slider, slider for the theme and Ultimate Widgets, which is my plugin, to the widgets.

(ponvendhan) #4

Home page is based on boxed width while other pages are full width, is that your plan? Theme looks nice, I think magazine / blog owner’s only option to earn is showing advertisement. But I couldn’t find a single spot on this theme.

(Nicolas Lecocq) #5

The homepage is to show that it is possible to create a boxed style on every pages.
For ads, you can put it in a widget.

(Leland Fiegel) #6

Personally, not a fan of this style of theme. It looks too boxy and generic, perhaps even a bit dated. I think it could use a bit more white space in certain areas. Grid pages, like this one, feel especially claustrophobic.

I do like the attention to detail. Things like the breadcrumbs, author box, “you might also like” section (how are those being pulled in, by the way?), selection color, hover/focus effects, and other little details, all make it evident you put a lot of work into this theme.

Best of luck with it. :smile:

I’ve seen this before. I actually like it when done right, as it makes the visible area less constrained when the user doesn’t “need” it, which is especially helpful on mobile when every last pixel counts.

That’s not quite what’s happening here though. Sometimes I see the header appear when scrolling down too. Seems odd to me.

(Nicolas Lecocq) #7

Hello @leland, thank you very much for your message :slight_smile:

What do you mean by a little dated, you talk about the general theme or header, sub menu, the footer?
For “you might also like” section is based on the category.
For the effect of the header, I use js, it works the loading of the page, this may be why you saw the scroller header when scrolling down.

Good day :slight_smile: