What do you use for customer support on your WP site?

(Marta) #1

Hi everybody

I am customer support manager and interested in any tools and tips for making our product better. My Catchers Helpdesk plugin looks nice and works great, but a lot of bloggers and WP lovers use just a contact form.

Do you have any wishes on how to improve customer care process?

Could you explain to me what functionality and tools do you use and need for your WP business?

(Ben) #2

I just use a contact form. Quite happy with it and have no need for anything else. If I was to work on a bigger project I would probably tie a contact form into helpscout or similar and then use their service.


We wanted to create an open community around support, so we needed a forum and we chose bbpress.

(Miroslav Glavić) #4

I use one domain with OSticket (I think that’s the name) so instead of installing forums/tix, I got one domain to do it for all other domains. One central location.

(Yawar Ahmed) #5

using zendesk they have 2$ package I am using 30$. Its great

(Benjamin Intal) #6

I’ve switched from hosting our own ticketing and forum into HelpScout. I find that one on one email support makes things more personal and we get better feedback. They also can handle documentation, so all our plugin docs are hosted with them as well.

(Leland Fiegel) #7

I use HelpScout. I’m the only support agent, so I could probably just use a basic contact form too.

I’ve considered bbPress forums, although many experienced WordPress business owners write about why they move away from it. For example:

Here’s @syedbalkhi on using HelpScout for OptinMonster (with a part about why they don’t use forums): https://syedbalkhi.com/how-we-handle-customer-support-behind-the-scenes-look/

Here’s @pippin on moving from bbPress to HelpScout: https://pippinsplugins.com/important-changes-support-system/

Here’s @carlhancock on switching Gravity Forms from support forums to a support ticket system: https://www.gravityhelp.com/gravity-forms-standard-support-change-announcement/

StudioPress also switched to support tickets, but maintain a “community” forum (with no guaranteed support).

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(Daniel Iser) #8

@leland is 100% spot on. Having used bbPress before I found it cumbersome and found that tickets easily slip through the cracks.

HelpScout coupled with Gravity Forms makes the perfect solution for any companies support or customer services needs.

Top it off with Help Scout docs which can easily be integrated into your site via their Beacon tool & a free Gravity forms addon by @pippin & @zackkatz with some community driven improvments that allows you to force users to search docs as part of submitting a ticket.

It is with no doubt the best solution without spending a fortune per user for an enterprise solution.