What I am thankful for - US Thankgiving 2016

(Miroslav Glavić) #1

I am Canadian, but I do celebrate US Thanksgiving. I work with a lot of Americans and many are family (not real family but you are close to them, that kind of family).

Canadian Thanksgiving was on October, I forgot to make this thread then. My best friend is both Canadian and American. So I get gobble gobble turkey TWICE in one year :grin:

I am thankful for everyone I met from the WordPress community. I am very thankful to Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little for creating WordPress which gives me the ability to do a job that I like.
I am thankful for WordPress which allows me to work with different charities that are close to my heart by teaching them how blog, social media and so forth.

I am glad to the WordPress community that call me, e-mailed me, sent me messages on facebook when I was in the hospital after a drunk driver hit the car I was in head on, on the side that I was in.

A person that I call a close friend drove from Florida to Toronto to visit me in the hospital and take care of my dog and plants while I was in the hospital.

I am thankful for all the members of the community that I met at WordCamp Toronto, other events (non-WordCamp) and ones that suggested places to visit while in their cities and countries.

I am thankful that I can make a living with something I really enjoy.

I am thankful for @Jeffro creating WPTavern, I am thankful @leland for creating WPChat.

I’d invite you all to Toronto and buy you a round of beers but my wallet says no, so many of you.