What if WPChat allowed technical questions?

I know WPChat is supposed to be more a “community” vibe and typical technical or debugging questions are not really allowed or encouraged (a la wordpress.org forums).

But, since so many people find the wp.org forums lacking in high quality replies, I wanted to propose allowing more technical questions here. Currently there is only StackExchange or wp.org for this purpose, and it would seem that more users would join/participate if technical questions were a focus here.

Anyway just a thought, cheers! :slight_smile:

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I did post the “Basic support questions no longer allowed at WP Chat” topic a while back that disallowed certain types of questions…but it’s not something I really enforce unless it’s commercial product support.

In that thread, I did say that:

So it’s not that they’re not allowed, it’s just that I figured that people would have a better chance getting their question answered elsewhere. I do think that WP Chat could be a less unforgiving alternative to AWP, which can be quite harsh if your question is determined to be “#notadvanced

Basically, I don’t want to turn WP Chat into an unofficial support outlet for commercial products, or an outlet for questions like “my host is down can you help me?” But that’s pretty much it for now.

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I am going to reply from my own perspective.

But, since so many people find the wp.org forums lacking in high quality replies

  • Quality is on the eye of the beholder

  • What do you expect for a FREE support forum.

I am sorry but we all have to pay bills at some point.

As it has been on WP.ORG for so many years…

“Hey I need a website that does this, that, e-commerce, shows my tweets, instagrams, and e-mails people when their sold out product comes back and bla bla bla, how do I go about doing all that? I don’t want to do any reading, and yes I want you to do all the free work for me”.

TLDR version: People are cheap, don’t want to pay for support from the author so they go to free forums.