What is Active Install Growth in WordPress Plugins?

(rakhitha) #1


Recently wordpress.org introduced a new chart called Active Install Growth for WordPress plugins. Can anyone explain how we can use the data in this chart to measure the growth. It shows the growth in percentage. I want to know whether its compared to previous month/week or compared to the total install count


(Leland Fiegel) #2

Hmm, I’m not sure. Have you tried asking in the Make WordPress Slack?

I think either the meta or plugins channel would be a good place to ask.


Hay guys,

I’d love to know more about this too.

@nimesh did you find out more on slack? I wish @otto could chime in and let us know.

My questions would be:

  1. Is that a weekly average?
  2. Based on the real number of active installs or the number that is shown? (+10000 or eg: 15543)
  3. How came numbers of previous weeks sometimes change?

I’ll try to explain what I mean about point 3: yesterday I checked the weekly active installed and we had a ugly -0.7% on the week of Jan 20th. I checked back today and the -0.7% for the week of Jan 20th is now -0.5%.

I’m crossing fingers Otto will read this and clarify. I’m sure many are wondering!


(rakhitha) #4

@paolo I didnt have time to follow up on this yet. but I will try to do it soon as its a very important factor in measuring the success of the plugin.

I experienced the same with my plugins and its difficult to understand how it works.

Let me know if you find anything


(Yannick) #5

Discovered this new chart too.

I tried to figure it out. I’m not sure, but, it’s showing how much new install you have each week, based on the previous one.
So basically it explains if it grows, or decrease.
For exemple, my plugin has stable numbers. We oscillate between 2et 8% depending on weeks. As long as we are above 0%, it means we are growing.

Roughly, it means we are gaining more new install actives, than losing some. Am I clear ? :stuck_out_tongue: