What is HeroPress?

These posts were all originally posted in the HeroPress’s First Essay thread. I moved them here to keep it on topic.

Hey @BrinWilson, @petercralen, @Senff, and @Rarst, I moved all the “What is HeroPress?” discussion from the first essay thread to this new thread. Tagging @topher1kenobe as well.

Good thinking Leland. :smile:

OK, so the confusion is warranted, is what you’re saying. :wink:

I know I’ve seen/read about it before, but please remind me what the original plan was for HeroPress?

And so…because the Kickstarter didn’t succeed and you had to change your goals…is “HeroPress” itself nothing but a name now?

The link to kickstarter got lost on thread move. Original plan was to produce content as videos and accompanying site with community/job-related features.

I am just a contributor to the project, so leaving to @topher1kenobe to talk strategy. :slight_smile:

…the site logo looks nice! :slight_smile: Maybe someone should add an ‘About’ page to the main nav’ menu? :wink:

That was fast answer :wink: http://heropress.com/about/

Hey folks, something was up with my email notifications, and I missed this entire converstion. Sorry about that. Does the new About page answer questions well enough?

  • Yep, it does. But it’s way too long for my liking. I personally think it could/should be much more succinct… it’s currently rather waffly and takes quite a while to get to the point… :wink:

Check it out now. :slight_smile: