What is the best framework to create a theme?

(Nicolas Lecocq) #1

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Personally, I use Redux Framework, it is a little difficult to learn, but once done, it is great.
In addition, recently, most of the options are compatible with the customizer, which super to submit a theme wp.org.
You can add features such as metabox or to create unlimited sidebars, but for that you have to buy premium extensions.

I wonder, what framework you use to create your wordpress themes?

(Leland Fiegel) #2

I use Underscores for everything now.

I’ve never used Redux before. It sounds pretty cool but it seems like overkill for the super simple themes I like to make.

(Nicolas Lecocq) #3

Hello, this is not what I meant by framework :slight_smile:
I want to know the framework that you use for your themes options, change the header, select your blog style, etc.

(Ben) #4

I have my own starter theme that’s based on Underscores.

No need for a ‘framework’ - imo a well designed theme needs very few options.

For headers - use the WordPress custom headers and other functionality. You can also use functionality from Jetpack which adds custom standardized custom post types for things like portfolios.

All other options use the Customizer. I see no reason to use anything else :slight_smile:

(Nicolas Lecocq) #5

Yes but for themes with many options, use a framework, for example, the theme Avada is forced to use a panel.

(Ben) #6

Have you seen Make theme? They have loads of options as well - and they do everything through the Customizer.

I’d argue that having too many options makes themes difficult to maintain and increases the liklihood of bugs. I prefer to go with the WordPress philosophy of Decisions, not Options. I’m a web designer and so I decide what is best for the theme.

Note that I earn a comfortable living from selling my themes on http://prothemedesign.com - albeit not as much as Avada has made, but do you really need all that money? :slight_smile:

(Nicolas Lecocq) #7

Thank you for sharing Make.
This does not displease me to earn as much as Avada but if ever I earned $2,000 by month, I would be very happy :slight_smile:

(Ben) #8

absolutely - I wouldn’t be upset to make what Avada makes either :smile:

(Nicolas Lecocq) #9

Yes, I think it will displease nobody :slight_smile:

(Benjamin Intal) #11

You can also use Titan Framework, however I would only advise on using a framework if you have a lot of options.

Also, I would recommend just doing all customizer options if you are creating a theme, and mostly for changing styles and perhaps some behavior. If you need a metabox for something, then you’re dwelling into plugin territory already.

And instead of creating stuff from scratch, you can use TGM Plugin Activation to suggest plugins like Custom Sidebars. If you do that, you won’t have to worry about building an unlimited sidebar solution of your own.

EDIT: I just noticed that this thread was months ago. It appeared though on the top of my list so I thought it was new :neutral_face:

(Nicolas Lecocq) #12

Hello @bfintal, thank you very much but I learned a lot since this topic, now I directly use the customizer :slight_smile:

(Benjamin Intal) #13

@Khothemes yeah, 4 months is a long time! Odd that this thread popped up in the top of my list, maybe a like bumped it up the list? Not sure. Do share the resulting theme :slight_smile:

(Nicolas Lecocq) #14

Hello @bfintal, I created two themes, and I am trying to create a third theme,
Saha: http://demo.theme-junkie.com/saha/
Kong: http://khothemes.com/preview/kong/

You can tell me what you think :slight_smile:

(Leland Fiegel) #15

A spammer posted in this thread yesterday, which I deleted, but the thread remained bumped. A welcome side effect that it restarted a good discussion though, so no worries. :slight_smile: