What would it take for you to change hosts?

(Miroslav Glavić) #1

What would make you change your current hosting company?

I got a reseller account just over a year ago, I started moving all my domains to my reseller account (with another provider), the last two domains I had left with original hosting company, I started the transfer process on December 29, 2017. One of those was a .com domain which was fully transferred today. I got new hosting account with my reseller account on December 29, 2017.

I started with Company A, which got “merged” with Company B’s other “brands” (not EIG) of hosting/domain companies, into Company C. Eventually Company D bought Company C.

Every time the mergers would occur, customer support would slow down. I started with Company A in March 2005.

I am going to be honest, I went with Company A because they were $4.95/month (2 year contract), The previous company, I was paying $49.99 shared hosting.

Company C has $2.99/month (3 year contract). That got me suspicious of how many accounts they will overstuff in their servers.

Anyways…they had 24/7 telephone support according to their site, I never really called them. No real answers.

Anything outside Tech support, like billing/sales issue, you had to wait for a weekday if you had an issue on the weekend. Even through those e-ticket systems thing they had.

Some of their servers got hacked, hacker put some spammy files in some folders, including one that my content was on. I got blamed for it, being accused as spammer, my account got disabled…clients, my own (I have close to 100 or so domains - not including clients).
After 72 hours of going back and forth and them enabling my account again…I decided to change hosts, to my reseller.

Never again am I going to go to $4.95 or in that range.

In 2005 they were great, customer support answered within one hour…
In 2017 they were not great and CS took up to 24 hours to reply…

Accusing me of spamming, I have a “clean” record. As years go on, domain content was slowing down and ftp uploads took too long.

I even got accused of being a music pirate, just because I had .mp3 files in my hosting account. Hey buddy, I do public speaking, I record that public speaking and keep a backup in my own hosting account.

So what would it take for you to change hosts?


Cool story :slight_smile:
Did you give a try to something like Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode with Serverpilot or Forge Laravel?
I never had any issue with them. I can’t even imagine to host any site on shared host. The price is close to Vultr/Serverpilot but zero issue and headache and performance is probably not even comparable.

I never need some support, bc. everything just works. I am relatively sensitive in this area so any small issue will force me to change them.