What would Matt eat?


We finally have the answer! I know someone how there can make some art out of this topic!

Thanks @Jeffro
Matt Mullenweg Eats Popeyes Chicken!

(Jeff C) #2

Pics or it didn’t happen! I can finally rest easy after having my question answered lol. My wife’s cooking tastes pretty damn good but it usually doesn’t look like a work of art. We leave that to the pros.


Wait til you see my vacation pics!

I want to see one of Matt biting into a Whopper!

(Jeff C) #4

Well wait till you see the picture from my dinner on our second wedding anniversary. 28 dollar scallops FTW.


I am having Dunkin Donuts for breakfast tomorrow! Top that!

(Jeff C) #6

Almost always, dinner from last night is breakfast the next day lol. I usually eat two meals a day. Breakfast which normally is around 11am-noon and dinner.

(Mark Senff) #7

I need to stop eating pizza. That’s all.


That would be such a loss. Find other ways to torture yourself!

(Mark Senff) #9

Oh, you mean like early morning 10k runs, non-alcoholic beer, and breakfast that looks (and tastes) like dog food? :wink:


Ding ding ding!!! You nailed it. Wait, 10k runs? I was thinking actually having to walk to get the pizza, you know, to the fridge.

(Mark Senff) #11

Dang, that actually makes sense. What if I would only eat pizza from the pizza place that’s 10k away, so I can run to it? That would cancel it out, right??


Or you could always find another alternative!
Robot butlers take over the world!