Whats your workstation?

(Niels van Renselaar) #1

I’m really curious what hard- and software everybody is using the build their websites and/or apps, maybe I’ll discover some new software.

My main workstation is a new MacBook Pro Retina (15") with 16GB of memory and the 2,4Ghz i7 + 256GB SSD. Love the speed of this machine. At the office it’s hooked up to an 27" Thunderbolt display.

  • Panic’s Coda for quick & dirty code editing on production servers
  • 1Password password manager (a must with all those clients passwords)
  • The new Mailbox App for Mac (this is really awesome)
  • Sublime Text (current the beta of version 3) as the main editor
  • Sketch 3 (got a designer that uses this too… bye bye Photoshop)
  • Tower and the Github for Mac app for Version Control

Furthermore there’s an NAS of Synology for internal uses

(Dallas) #2

Great topic! I’m always interested in what other people use.

At home, I have a custom built pc running Windows 8.1 hooked up to the 27" Cinema Display.

  • Intel core i5
  • 16gb ram
  • 500gb
  • 7200 hd
  • gtx 660

At work, I have a a 27" iMac hooked up to another 27" Cinema Display.

  • Intel core i7
  • 16gb ram

As far as software goes, I spend most of my time using:
Sublime Text 2
PuTTY (windows)
I also manage a few servers running Ubuntu or CentOS.

(Kim Shivler) #3

Thank you for this post, nielsvr. I have an HP Laptop with Windows 7, but acquired a 27" iMac earlier this year. I play on purchasing a MacBook later in the year. My big challenge is learning what software to replace my Windows editions with. I will check out each of your software suggestions and am especially interested in Sketch 3! On Windows, I use an inexpensive graphics editor similar to Photoshop, and was concerned I’d have to go to Photoshop on the Mac.

So for now, my configuration is up in the air as I search for new software.

(Gary Weiner) #4

I have a home built rig. Somehow it seems like cheating if I just buy it from the store. It’s over a year old now

  • Intel 3.4 GHz I5 Processor
  • 8GB Ram
  • 120 GB SSD Boot Drive
  • 1 TB SATA data drive
  • Windows 7 Pro - 64 Bit
  • Dual 24" monitors

Not the fastest hunk a junk in the galaxy, but it will still do the Kessel run in 12 parsecs.

Home Built Computers
(Joel Warren) #5

Very similar (exact) spec to Chuchundra, just about to replace the ram with 16gb, after a stick of mine crapped out recently.

It’s good to see some windows people here :wink: Most people I talk to are designers using Macs or developers on Mac or some Unix OS.

I can’t stand working on a Mac, I feel like I’m a kid again having to learn everything and poke things to see what happens. Though I have started playing with Ubuntu recently and I don’t mind that.

(Jeff C) #6

I use a 15 inch MBP to work outside and wherever I go. This is my first Mac based machine I’ve used. For the heavy duty stuff, I use a PC I custom built with Microsoft Windows 7 64 Bit. I love the OS and it hasn’t given me any problems. It’s the most stable OS I’ve used in the history of Windows. I’m not doing software development, I write content for a living so I don’t need the most awesome hardware. I used to be a gamer but after spending all day on a machine typing stuff, the last thing I want to do is game. I miss it too. Can’t afford the damn graphics cards either.

Maybe everyone could also post a picture of their office/workstation setup?

(Niels van Renselaar) #7

My office is at a vintage building in Amersfoort. My desk is a old door with glass on it ;).

(Jeff C) #8

Pretty cool that you have live stuff growing at your desk. I think the color green which means life and money is a good thing to be in view of the desk. Is it a real plant or fake? Nice compact set up you have there.

(Niels van Renselaar) #9

It’s alive! Behind my laptop stands another one (you can see some leaves). I really need something green in the rooms I’m in most of the time, it adds something.

(Jeff C) #10

Are there any windows in that office where you can see green stuff outside?

(Niels van Renselaar) #11

Ha yes, there is a big one right behind me and this is the office garden :slight_smile:

(Dallas) #12

Very true. Of course, my mantra is Apple hardware and Microsoft software. I absolutely love Apple hardware.

(Gary Weiner) #13

My office is a disaster. But I do have a nice view out the window into my backyard.

(James Huff) #14

On display at the home office: a gorgeous (and washed out) view of the Santa Clara River Reserve, a cheap desk from Ikea with keyboard tray attached, a 15" retina MacBook Pro on an mStand, USB Apple Keyboard, Bluetooth Evoluent VerticalMouse 4, Edifier Exclaim e10 speakers, WordPress logo coffee mug (of course), WordPress logo Griffin WoodTone headphones (why not?), and the last Automattic company photo. Not visible: USB Apple Super Drive underneath the MacBook Pro.

(Chad McCullough) #15

I’ve been a Linux developer for more than 20 years so…

Linux on my laptop and server and all of my development tools are Open Source. I started using Unix nearly 30 years ago in the Navy and moved to Linux about 21 years ago. I’ve never needed software from Microsoft or Apple for my web development/design work and my Linux and application development work.

(Topher) #16

My office is in the basement, so it’s a real cave. I’m not wpchat won’t let me show you a picture though. :frowning:

I run an HP desktop with 16G of ram. I added a good video card and run a 30" monitor at 2560x1600.

I’ve been running Arch Linux for about 6 years now, and some other variant for many years before that.

I run Enlightenment 0.16 as my Window manager, and VIM as my coding environment.

I have a Macbook that work bought me that I use when on the road, but the tiny screen makes it hard to really get things done.

(Knut Sparhell) #17

My home office is just equipped with an old “mini tower” running Vista 32bit and 4MB RAM and 22’ screen. A new one coming soon, as it can’t quite cope any more. But I have a very stale fiber connection with 50 Mbits/s synchronous. That rocks, especially when uploading things.

In the field, and all weekends, I use a slim netbook from Samsung (Series 9) with SSD. This was the best PC I have ever worked wit, when bought two years ago. 60% of my work is actually done using this.

I mostly use cloud services for storage. I never work offline.

(Leland Fiegel) #18

That’s super interesting! I’ve contemplated doing this myself, although the one thing I’d miss is Photoshop.

I don’t use it for design, just for slicing images, getting colors, fonts and such to code templates. What alternative would you recommend? GIMP? Photoshop over WINE? Something else?

Pretty much everything else I use for development is open source with a Linux version anyway.

(Leland Fiegel) #19

Also, I have been avoiding this thread for the reason that I think I may have the lamest set up here. :smiley:

  • Windows 8.1 laptop. Nothing fancy, straight from the HP factory.
  • Imagine a picture of an empty desk with a lone 17.1" laptop here.

That’s about it, but it works for me.

(Chad McCullough) #20

I use GIMP quite a bit but also like the pixlr editor.


I’ve also been reading some very good things about Krita and may give it a try soon.