Whats your workstation?

(Leland Fiegel) #21

Cool. Any beginner distros you’d recommend? Preferably something bootable on a CD or partitioned. Not sure I could cut off my Windows usage cold turkey right away. :smiley:

(Brian Ross) #22

For desktop I would say Ubuntu

(Chad McCullough) #23

I agree. When recommending a distro to someone new to Linux, I always point them to Ubuntu. The community is very helpful when there are questions and there are versions of Ubuntu that run well on older hardware, if you have something like that.

(Topher) #24

@leland I run Photoshop in a Win7 VM in Linux and it works great. Granted, I have 16G of RAM and a quad core CPU, but you may want to get there someday.

(Jason) #25

I have a simple 8gb ram 16" laptop that runs Ubuntu 14.04. Simple as that. I sit on a recliner with my feet up and work with it on my lap and a mouse on the arm rest. :smile:

If I need something specific to windows, I run it either through WINE (preferable) or Windows 8 on VirtualBox – Photoshop runs just fine! I have Ubuntu split into 4 virtual desktops, and I just designate one for Windows if need be (not needed often at all). I spend most of my day using Chrome, vim, and terminal.

(Brian Ross) #26

I moved over to Ubuntu a few week ago after finding a cheap ($270) open-box laptop at BestBuy.

It’s a simple setup… Ubuntu on the left connected to the 23" screen, and Win7 on the right. I use Synergy to connect the mouse and keyboard between both devices.

Asides from upgrading to 8 gb of ram, Ubuntu works really well on the laptop minus some graphic issues with Chrome.

(Tim Nash) #27

Everyone has really tidy desks…

I use a combination of a MacBook Pro (an old 2010) running Mountain Lion and “The Beast” which is a 16gb I7 custom built machine for video editing and my other half uses it for running insanely large excel spreadsheets. Though I’m due a refresh and am pondering switching to either a straight swap with latest version of MacBook Pro or going for the Macbook air and building a second Workstation. The original one was built to a spec to become a Hackintosh and I think would do the same with the second one as well.

(Robby) #28

Ooh! I love workspace posts. Thanks for sharing. I just spent the better part of my lunch framing a perfect picture to find out new users can’t post pictures. Whoops QQ

At work, I run a late 2009 iMac with a vertical 22" second screen (great for coding). I also have an old PC laptop on my desk for quick browser/OS testing, Evernote, and Pandora (why did they put iMac headphone jacks on the back!?).

I was a die hard PC/Linux guy, but I recently & reluctantly switched from a screaming home-built gaming rig (overclocked CPU, SSD boot drive, 16 gb ram, etc etc), to a 13" Retina Macbook Pro. I still use the PC for music recording, but I am pretty much all Mac now. Admittedly, I am loving it too!

(Jimmy Smutek) #29

Here’s my little setup. We have a small house, and my wife and I share the office, so I’ve had to fit a lot of stuff in kind of a small area.

2014 13" Retina Macbook Pro, 2.6, Core i5 with 8 GB ram, connected to a BenQ BL10 monitor running at 2560x1440.

Sometimes I’ll pop my laptop open for extra screen space, but I usually run it clam shell, like pictured. I can fit a lot of stuff on that BenQ, it’s a pretty decent monitor. I’ve been really happy with it.

Underneath the monitor stand there’s a Wacom Intuos 4 medium graphics tablet, that I use for design. My background is in design, so I can really fly with that thing. I just slide it out when I need it.

I use an Apple bluetooth keyboard and a Razer Orochi bluetooth mouse. There’s an Epson scanner on the file cabinet next to my desk, and a cork board to the left that was originally supposed to be for pinning inspirational ideas, but ended up as a display showcase for my 4yo son’s drawings that he brings in to me from time to time.

Most of the peripherals are connected via a little USB hub that’s under my monitor stand, and plugged into my monitor.

Up top there’s a set of M-Audio DX-4’s, for tunes. I paid something like $200 for these speakers close to ten years ago, they are light weight and sound amazing. Can’t say enough good about them. There’s also 2 Lacie something or other 1TB FW harddrives up there, for local backups, and a 2TB mini USB drive that I use for additional storage. I have it encrypted so I can take it out if I need to.

On the other side of the room, and not pictured, is a couple of printers and a Synology DS 211J with 2 x 2TB’s running in a Raid 1 configuration. It’s a really cool little box that I need to utilize more. It’s mostly just being used to store stuff and geek around on, but I’m able to remote into it and access files that I have stored on it.

Also, just inside the doorway to the room, tucked away in their own little nook, books and skateboards, ahhh. :slight_smile:

(Jeff C) #30

Apologies that the Seahawks threw the ball on the one yard line with the best running back in the league :frowning: but nice setup overall.

(Kimi Phan) #31

Love your setup everything in a small space. It looks organized and clean!

(Jimmy Smutek) #32

Hey, thank you, Kimi. :slight_smile:

(Dan Griffiths) #33

Eventually I’ll get around to posting a pic… For now, just the specs will have to do.

My laptop goes everywhere I do… and currently it’s a 15 inch Macbook Pro. My first Mac since the Lisa days. Until now, I was (almost) purely a Linux guy, with a Windows 7 65bit machine on hand just for Creative Cloud. Since I got the Mac, I haven’t had a use for the Windows machine (thankfully). I don’t do any real PC gaming, what little gaming I do is on XBox One… so dev-only work really.

Standard suite:

  • Illustrator & Photoshop (I’m not a professional designer, but I can hold my own)
  • After Effects & Audition (A/V work is sort of my ‘hobby’)
  • DesktopServer (Because it just rules)
  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera (Because cross-compatibility)
  • Vim (Linux guy, remember)

(Giulio) #34

Maybe I’ll post a photo of my desk but I feel a bit ashamed as it’s a real mess :smile:

I have a very simple setup. A 15.6" full hd laptop Lenovo Z50, processor i7, 8GB RAM, Windows 7 Ultimate. It’s sold as a gaming machine, I don’t do much gaming actually but the machine is great, high quality hardware and a fantastic screen.

  • Bitnami WAMP stack
  • NetBeans
  • Sublime Text for quick editing
  • Source Tree
  • Chorme + Firefox + Opera
  • Various other small applications that help me. A great application that has helped me a lot, since I’m a bit lazy with using the CLI, it’s Windows Grep