WhatWP.com WordPress bookmark site

Hi all,

Apologies if I am in the wrong topic, I thought I’d share a new site I have set up that highlights WordPress blog posts about WordPress, it’s called http://whatwp.com

It’s powered by user submissions, currently looking for members to help the site grow, by adding useful posts on WP.

Feel free to submit theme releases, plugin releases, tips / tutorials and more. Just thought I’d share it here with you guys, apologies if this sounds like a shameless plug! (it kinda is!)



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Hey Ben, congrats on launch!

Will you share your experience how the site’s growing and doing month to month? What’s the plan for monetization?

what happened? it’s full of Chinese characters now. did you give up on the idea?

Sorry not been on wp chat for a while yes I abandoned that one set up a new one here https://linkwp.com