WhatWP.com WordPress bookmark site

(Ben) #1

Hi all,

Apologies if I am in the wrong topic, I thought I’d share a new site I have set up that highlights WordPress blog posts about WordPress, it’s called http://whatwp.com

It’s powered by user submissions, currently looking for members to help the site grow, by adding useful posts on WP.

Feel free to submit theme releases, plugin releases, tips / tutorials and more. Just thought I’d share it here with you guys, apologies if this sounds like a shameless plug! (it kinda is!)



(Primoz Cigler) #2

Hey Ben, congrats on launch!

Will you share your experience how the site’s growing and doing month to month? What’s the plan for monetization?

(Ben) #3

Hey Primoz,

Thanks for the congrats, things are moving slower than I would have liked at present.

With no money to market WhatWP I’m relying on word of mouth to get the site out there.

I don’t have any plans to monetize WhatWP at this stage and I will be putting together a post on the story so far!