Where can I ask 'dumb' questions about WordPress and definitely receive a reply?


I have a treehouse account that I’m using to further my Wordpress and PHP knowledge but a lot of things just aren’t clicking no matter how many hours I spend googling and examining theme files.

wordpress.org forums have been hit or miss in the past re: receiving replies and I might as well be speaking a different language than the folks at wordpress.stackoverflow.

WPQuestions was great when I tried it a few years back but it looks like the site is no longer active? I’d be willing to pay per question if there are any similar sites around. Waiting for replies without knowing for sure whether I’ll actually get a reply is stressful and making time management hard.

I appreciate any recommendations!

(Leland Fiegel) #2

This is an interesting question. WordPress.org is best for basic usage support, not development-related questions. It’s easy for those to slip through the cracks.

Stack Overlfow and AdvancedWP are best for more advanced development questions.

WPQuestions.com would’ve been perfect, but as you said, it’s been shut down. It was an interesting site, but I feel like their “downfall” was being overrun with very complex questions with like $5 bounties.

You could try here at WP Chat. We don’t allow basic support questions, because those are best suited for the WordPress.org forums. But intermediate development-related questions should be fine.

(Miroslav Glavić) #3

What is a ‘dumb’ question for you?

There is no such thing as a ‘dumb’ question. Not everyone is an ‘expert’ and anyone that tells you that your question is ‘dumb’…1) Forgets he/she/it was a noob once 2) needs to get an image of Donald Trump in a speedo tattooed in the inside of his/her/it’s eyelids.

If you want to ask the questions here, feel free, otherwise we can take this off site. we can do skype if you want.

(David) #4

I think the best place to learn wp is themehybrid.com
give it a try.

(Ulrich) #5

I think it depends on what answers you are looking for. Do you need an answer why the code is not working or pointing you in the right direction to implement an ideas or giving you code that you can use?

It also depends on what your goal on learning is. Do you want learn more about PHP and WordPress or do you just need answers for your project.

It may be useful to contact a few people and ask them questions for an hourly rate. I think most people would be generous with their time.

(Rob) #6

I think if you ask a question clearly and it is easy for others to understand it’s not a dumb question.
The dumb ones are the ones everyone tries to figure out what it’s about and gives up.