Who is going to PressNomics? [+ Ticket Giveaway]

(Vova Feldman) #1

I recently wrote about my experience as a plugin developer in WordPress business-related conferences (priceless!). I’m trying to encourage more fellow plugin & theme developers to start participating in those, whether you business owners or sole developers.

I’m curious who has plans to attend PressNomics? If not, please explain why? (conference / travel costs, relevance, travel distance, family…)

Free Giveaway!
Not sure if you already noticed, we’ve joined as a community sponsor to PressNomics and got us a few early tickets. In the spirit of WordPress, I decided to giveaway a ticket to the community, worth $350.

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Let’s meet
If you are attending, let’s grab a coffee during the conference. I would love to learn about you and your business.

(Daniel Iser) #2

Would definitely like to but cost alone is the determining factor, ticket price aside from Florida I’d still be looking at $1000+ in expenses assuming the wife lets me go without her :). Getting there though, long as I keep pushing and growing won’t be long before I can pop in at every event and say hi.

(Rhys Wynne) #3

It’s too far away! If there was a Pressanomics Europe, I’d probably go :slight_smile:

(Eric Daams) #4

Like @danieliser, cost is just too much for us to justify at this point. Not so much the event itself – more the accommodation + flights from Darwin. Hoping to be able to do some international WP events next year though!

(Vova Feldman) #5

@rhyswynne and @ericnicolaas - yeah, when I was living in Israel it was not feasible to fly to U.S events.

@danieliser - you are right, it’s around $1k. And I think it worth it! The value that it can provide to you and to your plugins business is way beyond that (in my opinion).

(Daniel Iser) #6

@vovafeldman - Well like I said, would love to go, but spending that much right now would negatively impact current family plans, new vehicle and trying to buy a house first of next year. No doubt it would benefit me, but can’t quantify it so hard to bite that bulllet at this point in time :). Definitely plan to attend more as sales continue to increase…