Who owns a domain?

(Miroslav Glavić) #1

whomever is on the whois record, correct?


Let’s call a mother Amanda.

Amanda’s son Jonathan was getting married to Jackie.

Amanda barely liked Jackie.

Amanda knows that Jonathan and Jackie like to travel.

Amanda gets whatever.com domain and hosting for Jonathan and Jackie, paying the first year for domain and hosting. Afterwards Jonathan and Jackie pay.

5 years pass and Jonathan and Jackie just paid for year #6.

Amanda came to me to setup the domain. I did. She asked me to register the domain under Jonathan’s name.

I guess a domain and hosting beats a toaster for a wedding present.

Let’s say they all live in Buffalo, NY, USA. I live in Toronto, Canada by the way.

Jonathan and Jackie travelled around the world. They went back to Buffalo. Jonathan decided to move to another country with Jackie.

Amanda is super pissed that the b**** from hell took her baby away from her (he is 32 by the way, she is 27).

She is demanding I return to her what she called HER domain. Even though she hasn’t paid for anything in the past 5 years.

Who owns the domain? Amanda because she was the client? Jonathan because he is the owner in the WHOIS record, Jackie because she paid for a couple of the years instead of Jonathan?

How do you deal with the spawn of satan clients (Amanda).