Why no one creates a website like WordPress.com?

(Faruk Erdogan) #1

Just a few munites ago, I asked Leland via private message and realized that why I do not ask this question from here.

I wonder that;

Why no one develops a website like WordPress.com? - Wix.com (Israel-based company) is another good solution to create a website without any knowledge of coding. - It can be a great subscription-based business model. There can be themes and plugins in this system.

Is it really hard to do? Is it a really stupid idea? If yes, sorry for the interruption.



There are some similar service like Studiopress sites or whatever they called it now. Also every second themehop provide some kind of hosting with additional services … Not big deal at all :slight_smile:

(Faruk Erdogan) #3

studiopress.com is looking good I have not heard them before. I really like their design.

I just wonder that why people still on theme business? Selling theme and a hosting solution bundle can be a fit solution for the market. Isn’t it? Most of SMEs have no any idea to add a theme or any other plugins to their WordPress. And when you are serving this solution to them, your market is getting bigger than just theme business.

I know, building these kinds of businesses can be hard then just theme business but you can make more money each month with a subscription. Not yearly like theme support subscriptions.

(Luca Bertaiola) #4

https://www.squarespace.com/ ?

(Faruk Erdogan) #5

Oh, is it WordPress?

(Leland Fiegel) #6

I think plenty of people do. You just don’t hear about them because their marketing falls short, or is targeted to a niche market you don’t pay attention to.

You can build an experience pretty close to WordPress.com with freely available code:

Plus some cloud infrastructure provider like AWS or Google Cloud Engine.

Easier said than done, but these days the technology isn’t as far out of reach as it once was.

Competition is pretty ferocious for general website builders though. There are some lesser known ones like Strikingly and TheGrid, but I believe the best way to break through (albeit on a smaller scale) is to focus on a niche.

Examples include HappyTables for restaurants, Hotel Propeller for hotels, Dunked for portfolio sites.

SquareSpace is a proprietary hosted solution, by the way. Not WordPress.

(Luca Bertaiola) #7

Nope but - for the most part - is better than Wp, i don’t think Wix is Wordpress too.

(Faruk Erdogan) #8

Ok, I understand that marketing for the mass consumer is expensive. However, when I am looking at the successful projects, all projects create their own atmosphere. WordPress has created one. They are a platform now and people making money via this platform. Wordpress did not have too much budget for the marketing. They were just dedicated their project.

Building another wordpress.com means building your own platform/atmosphere. For example, some people create a Wordpress theme. Why do they not create a platform for average users who will be able to create their own themes? This is a more clear question for the topic.

(Leland Fiegel) #9

Ah, I see what you mean. You’re not talking about website builders, but rather platform providers?

Like Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store? They don’t make (all of) the apps, but rather the platform that enables other people to leverage it and build businesses off of it (while the platform provider gets a cut of the action).

Again, it’s just an “easier said than done” situation. But I get what you’re saying. It’s a lot riskier to build your own platform, but way more potential reward.

(Primoz Cigler) #10

It’s a good question. We are doing this major move at ProteusThemes. By Q1 2018 we will be launching platform where WP will be the technical stack, but the onboarding experience will be more like the wix.com or squarespace.

There are also these guys from themecloud.io which offer similar thing, check them out.

And I also know that some of the greatest players in the WP business is also preparing something in that way, but they’ve asked me not to reveal the details just yet :slight_smile:

(Faruk Erdogan) #11

I think, most of the people seeing this need. And many companies try to develop a product to solve this problem. Product must develop.

I really wonder your project @primozcigler, maybe you can share your project details later and we can share our insight with you.

(Primoz Cigler) #12

Absolutely, I will ask for feedback here when the time is due. :slight_smile:

(Kenneth Guintz) #13

here is an old school one webs. Predates wordpress.com and is still in operation today.

(David McCan) #14

I think this is a pretty big one: https://edublogs.org/


There are plenty of niche mutlisite-based instances, but they are hard to scale. Success can ramp up resource usage very quickly. At some point you are running 2 or 3 caching layers, a blob-storage service, load balancers and even non-standard database arrays.

The niche networks serve their audience with specifics they are missing from WP.com, and even they have growing pains. So to answer your question, not many people have a problem to solve that justifies the cost associated. :slight_smile: