WordCamp US Discussion

Hey all! We just bought our WordCamp US tickets, and we’re starting to get pretty jazzed about it. We’ll have four people attending. I thought it would be nice to get a chat thread going…

Who all is going to be there!?
Does anyone have thoughts/suggestions on hotels?


I just bought my ticket! No idea about hotel/transportation yet, but I’ll figure that out later. :smiley:

I also just booked this super sketch Airbnb room for $40/night a couple blocks away from the convention center. Total came out to under $100 including tax and fees for two nights.

If that’s your style, there are a handful of affordable rooms left nearby, but I wouldn’t count on them being available for much longer.

Also, a lot of hosts in Philadelphia may have cranked up prices for the Pope. Might be worth checking again after he leaves.

Ooh, good idea about Airbnb! I’ll check that out too. I’ve used them a few times and had good experiences.

Got my ticket! Looking forward to the event. This is my first WordCamp! :smile:

That’s awesome, Jason! We did our first WordCamp last year in San Francisco. It was a blast. It was really nice to have the BIG WordCamp right in our backyards, but we’re excited for the opportunity to travel and checkout a new city. Are you from Philly, or close by?

Got my ticket! Looking forward to meeting you guys in person :blush: Will probably AirBnB in the area.

Is it only me or you also can’t find Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia in Google maps? There’s the Philadelphia Convention Center, is it the same place?

I’ll be there as I live right next to Philly. This will also be my first WordCamp. Super excited!

Yep, same place: https://2015.us.wordcamp.org/location/

Just booked an Airbnb as well! Matt, other than cheesesteaks, any must-try foods or restaurants? How about after parties/nightlife? Anyone have any suggestions!?

Actually I live in Michigan, but my wife is from New Jersey, right across the bridge, and we still have friends there. Should be an all around fun trip! :smile:

Bought my ticket, applied to volunteer, and booked a room. As of now I’ll be rolling up from Baltimore with one friend Friday morning and heading back to Baltimore on Sunday.

Staying at the Double Tree by Hilton on Broad street, which is a 10ish minute walk from the convention center. Totally hoping to park the car on arrival and just leave it.

Super stoked - hope to meet some of you!

PS - Leland, too bad we didn’t get to talk, but it was cool to see you at WC Baltimore!

Definitely! Maybe we’ll get the chance to talk more at WC US.

Resurrecting this thread now that WordCamp US is now just a couple weeks or so away. I’m so excited! :smiley:

I just booked my bus ticket from DC. Getting in at around 10 AM on the 4th, and heading back around the same time on the 6th.

Any other WP Chatters in the house planning on going? It’s not too late to get tickets. 288 remain at the time of this posting.

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Leland, great idea!

The Beaver Builder team will be there (Billy, Justin, myself, and possibly one more).

We have an Airbnb flat a few blocks away. We haven’t planned the “Beaver Bash” yet, but we’d love to get a group together for some food/drinks at some point. :smile:

Sounds good to me! I’m also planning on checking out the Post Status & Pagely WordCamp US Party on the night of the 4th. Would be cool to meet / catch up with some of y’all there too.

Well I had an awesome time at WordCamp US! Lots of great talks, networking in between, and witnessing my first State of the Word in person (I’ve never made it to the ones in SF before) was quite surreal.

Met and caught up with a bunch of WP Chatters like @matt, @vovafeldman, @nikv and many others. Here’s a selfie with Vova and Nikhil, in case you missed my retweet.

What was your experience at #wcus like?

@leland WordCamp was amazing! I met so many brilliant, like-minded people, including you :wink: That was awesome opportunity to engage in a face2face discussions with the people that are driving the WordPress economy (beyond the Twitter/Slack/WPChat channels).


For those that weren’t able to make it, WordPress.tv just posted a bunch of WordCamp US 2015 presentation videos.