WordPress 4.0 Released

In case this forum is the only WordPress news source you watch (why?), WordPress 4.0 has been released: https://wordpress.org/news/2014/09/benny/

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Anyone tried it out yet?

Of course, I’ve been trying it out since the first beta. :slight_smile:


Most i think tried it on beta including myself

Depends on what you mean by most. I can guarantee you that most WordPress users did not try the beta, most probably won’t even update today. :wink:

I dev’d my last project in the WP 4.0 beta. Lot’s of updates to the UI that are pretty nice. I’ll be more excited for 4.1 with the REST API incorporated though :smiley:

I tried it out and most of the new features are really helpful. WP all the way!

I feel left out. All the cool kids are using 4.0 and I’m stuck with 3.9.2

Didn’t know the release video was not shown to users on localized versions. But it is by design. Ba UX to show an English speaking video to “non-English” speakers, Nacin said.

I say, most non-US speakers are multilingual, also understanding English very well, Because my native language is not English, I’m not a “non-English” speaker. As you can see.

Is there any particular reason why you’re stuck on 3.9.2?

Just updated all the sites I have under a maintenance plan (around 60) and everything runs fine. I’m happy :smile:

I usually wait for .0.1 or .0.2 to roll out big updates to my client sites. I’m not so much for living on the bleeding edge.

I did upgrade a couple of my sites last night. I always try out new stuff on my personal blog first. No issues so far.

I’ve got one site having a redirect loop after install. It may be SSL related. Other sites were fine.

Well yeah i agree :smile:, but when i say most i refer to the savvy ones which i know is a minority hehehe. I sorta forgot that the vast majority of peeps view wordpress updates as if its a new release of an apple product but in my brain its just a another windows update… Could be buggy but i can dabble with it

Wait, Apple products don’t have bugs?!

hmm, that would be something else if this was the only place people got their news lol. I’m loving the Sticky Toolbar in 4.0, easily my favorite enhancement to the post editor since I write a lot on the Macbook Pro. The improvements to oEmbed previews are solid as well.