WordPress based Remote Job

(Yawar Ahmed) #1


I am WordPress Expert Developer and looking for remote based job. I dont know how to find and where to find I am applying to many places but no luck.

Any one here if want to hire me. I am Front End Expert as well.

Looking forward.


(Leland Fiegel) #2

I’d keep an eye on RemoteJobs.com if I were you. It’s run by @chriswallace and tends to have WordPress-focused jobs.

There’s also We Work Remotely and remoteok.io (which is an aggregator), although it looks like WordPress-specific jobs are few and far between there.

Or maybe there’s someone here on WP Chat that would be interested in hiring you. Best of luck. :slight_smile:


https://github.com/lukasz-madon/awesome-remote-job perhaps the most comprehensive remote work resource list. tons of remote companies and job boards. hope it helps