WordPress.com premium theme review wait time

Was wondering if anyone has submitted a theme to WordPress.com lately. If so, what has the wait time been lately? Right now I’m at over two weeks for my latest submission since I’ve heard anything from them.

Just to clarify, you already have a WordPress.com theme shop? You’re talking about submitting a theme through the private Themer Lobby site?

Hey Leland.

Yes. Have been selling on there since 2014, but it’s been a little while since I’ve submitted a theme before this last one. Seems like it is taking longer than it used to.

My latest theme submission was six days ago. Got a “we’ll take a look” response the next day. And haven’t heard anything since.

The one before that, I submit about three months ago. Got a “we’ll take a look” response within a few days (hard to say when exactly) then got a “we’ll accept it” response 19 days after that. This was in November, around Thanksgiving time. Also, the Theme Team was having their retreat during this time.

If you haven’t got at least a “we’ll take a look” message after two weeks, I might send a follow up message just to ask what’s up. If you have, I’d just be patient. I get the sense that following up doesn’t really speed up the process. They eventually take a look at everything, in my experience. It just sometimes takes a few weeks or so.

Thanks for the info. I did get the “we’ll take a look” response not too long after submission. So based on your last approval, I’m probably looking at another week or so, maybe. They are probably backed up from taking time off during the holidays.

I’m also probably a little paranoid since my last submission (last year) was rejected. I rushed it out and didn’t test it thoroughly. There were several issues with it, and they told me they were going to pass on it. That one hurt my pride a little bit. :slight_smile:

I see.

I don’t think a past rejections have much bearing on future evaluations. I’ve had a handful rejected, including this one, which I think is one of my best themes.

Just as long as it’s demonstrated that whatever those several issues were have been resolved in this latest theme, I wouldn’t worry about it. At least not because of a long wait time, because you’re definitely still within a normal range.

I was pretty convinced the one that took 19 days to hear a decision on was a reject just because it felt like such a long time, but it was accepted, and should be launching pretty soon.

Well, that makes me feel better. Was starting to think I was the only one who had a theme rejected.

Cocina is a beautiful theme. I’m curious to know what issues they had with, that is if you don’t mind sharing.

Definitely not. :slight_smile: I believe @samikeijonen and @BinaryMoon have had themes rejected as well. And I’m sure we’re far from the only ones.

yep - I’ve had 3 or 4 rejected. It’s not fun - especially when the feedback is so vague.

Hey Ben. Good to know I’m not alone. Well, it’s not good that your theme got rejected…you know what I mean. :slight_smile: I’ve also experienced the vague feedback. It is a bit discouraging.

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Past rejections won’t affect future submissions indeed. We submitted our 3rd theme (our first 2 submissions got rejected) mid-November and received positive feedback a few days ago. So I guess this will take a while.

Just had another theme declined - I’m not sure I know what they want these days. Seems a bit random trying to work it out: http://demo.prothemedesign.com/wordpress/album/

Ben…I’m right there with you. Just heard back from them yesterday. Mine was rejected as well.

One of the reasons was: “the design needs be more unique”. However, they approved a theme about two weeks ago that is essentially a copy of our Swell theme’s homepage blog section. That’s all it is, a banner and then almost and exact copy of one section from our theme’s home page. Not sure how that is unique.

The other reasons were fixes that would probably take a total of 5 min to complete.

Your theme looks very nice by the way.

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Damn. Awesome theme. Did they provide any feedback?

yeah - they always give feedback but it’s rarely useful :slight_smile:

  • Consider adding some space to your design. This also includes how you use elements like a fixed border in relation to the rest of the design.
  • Look at your use of fonts and typography hierarchy. Consider the mood and readability.
  • Look at consistency in your UX. For example, the hover colors vary.
  • We are really looking for a cohesive design, look at how you can do that and bring every element of your theme to the same level.

@mckinley @leland @tsiger do any of you resubmit themes to wordpress.com or do you just come back with something else?

I’ve resubmitted themes in the past and they’ve been accepted - other themes I’ve resubmitted have been turned down. To me it just feels like I’ve spent all this time making a theme, so I’d like to make use of it.

Currently I don’t sell any themes through my own site that aren’t also available on wordpress.com.

The last theme that was rejected, I asked them if I could fix the problems and then resubmit. They said no. But I don’t know if that is their policy now on all rejected themes.

The last two I’ve submitted to .com were created specifically for .com. So I can relate to the feeling of wasting time. However, I think I’m going to go ahead and release the last on ThemeTrust.

No, just come back with something else. I just assumed they wouldn’t consider a resubmitted theme. Surprised to hear they’ve accepted themes that they rejected in the past. How close were they to the original submission? Was it a substantial enough change to consider it a “new” theme?

I also second that the Album theme is excellent. Shame they didn’t accept it.

I tend to not ask for permission for things like this :slight_smile: Then there’s no opportunity to say no.

All my themes are made for .com first. I think this may be the first one I have published that’s not on .com since I started selling there. Am currently considering options. Might use this as an opportunity to try something different.

Trying to remember how many I did that were accepted on a subsequent try. I can only remember Puzzle (accepted on the third time :)) - have tried resubmitting quite a few times though.

Thanks - I’m gonna try submitting it again. Will let you know how it goes.

Curious if WordPress.com still accepts themes from new shops or shops that haven’t already made it to wp.com. If so, where to apply?